Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thanks and Office Guy

Thanks everyone for such lovely comments in the last post. I rely on those comments. They make my day, they make me smile and they make me feel good for what I'm doing.

Things have been going well. Bf and I are getting along, no arguments, lots of laughing and joking. We're better than ever, you could say. We'll see how things pan out in the long run. We haven't really talked about practical stuff much so I'm a little concerned there may be some tension there.

The only time I've noticed tension was yesterday when he said he was going out for a smoke. He doesn't smoke, at least not in front of me. And when he does it in front of me it means he's having a hard time dealing with stuff. His smoking has always been a bone of contention between us. He was supposed to have quit years ago, but every once and a while I'll find out he's still smoking. Often it's around the time that things are rough between us.

This time though he came up to me and said, I'm going out to have a smoke because I'm feeling a bit nerve wracked. I asked him when he'd bought the pack of smokes and he said "last month". But this is the first time smokes were even mentioned since I tried to break up with him last winter. During that last episode he promised he would quit, (again), and he'd be honest with me about starting again.... all things that never happened apparently.

I'm ignoring that of course. I could care less right now.

On a brighter note he's gone into an office here that helps renters with understanding their contracts. He wants to understand ours and how it works for giving notice and such. This is somewhat big news. It means he's not pulling back, or in denial. He has accepted things fully.

We both seem to have lightened up a lot. We're quite at ease with each other these days. I can't tell what will happen with our relationship. I believe there's a 50/50 chance of things going either way.


Office Guy
On a totally different note, there was a small event that happened last Friday just before the big news with bf. 
So I had to go by Office Guy's window twice that day, the first time he was standing somewhere towards the middle of his office, and he caught sight of me out of the corner of his eye I guess, because he walked over to the window and smiled. That made me turn my head and smile at him. The second time round he was sitting at his desk as usual but he waved which made me turn around and laugh.

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Advizor54 said...

in a few months, when you've been on your own for a bit, you'll have to ask yourself, "Can I date a smoker?"

You will need to ask yourself all of the questions you would normally ask when you start dating someone new.

Do I like his family?
Could I handle his mother?
Does he treat me well?
Is he controlling or empathetic, will he rub my feet, get me ice, or hold my hair back when I throw up from morning sickness (future tense).

you get to approach the whole thing with fresh eyes, and then make a decision. that's pretty cool.

As for window boy? he's all yours for the taking, so be careful with him. ;-)