Thursday, January 17, 2013

BF facts

Here are some facts about BF:

He's not an intellectual
-he has read one or two books in his life, and one was for school.
-he doesn't know the difference between Gaudì and Dalì though he may know who Picasso is.
-he doesn't know the difference between the doors and the Rolling Stones, though he knows almost every italian singer and songwriter from the 60's up to the mid 80s.

-he's a great cook
-he can cook just about anything.
-he doesn't bake, except pizza.
-he is extremely hospitable, as are most southern men.
-he will give you anything he has in the house to eat.
-he especially likes to show off his own skills in the kitchen but even more than that he loves sharing his mother's homemade products, salami, sun dried tomatoes, olives, pickled eggplant, hot sauce...

-he loves to eat
-he loves wine
-he drinks a couple glasses of wine at noon, but not always at dinner.
-his favourite thing is to have a sandwich around 10 am with a glass of beer, though he rarely does it.
(this goes back to when he grew up picking olives in the countryside. They would go early, 5am-ish and have lunch at 10 with sandwiches and wine or beer.)

-he cleans the house (except for dusting, the bathroom and the bedroom)
-washes the floor two or three times a week

-he sweeps and washes the floors in the mornings
-he goes grocery shopping late mornings
-he sleeps almost every afternoon

-he takes the garbage out
-does the laundry
-does most of the cooking
-does the grocery shopping
-cleans and feeds the parrot

-he sings constantly and he's often out of tune, but not always.
-he is capable of singing the same line of the same song for days.
-I got him singing lessons for christmas one year but they were useless, he didn't comprehend almost anything that he was told.

-up until fairly recently he refused to learn English.
-once he decided to try he also decided he didn't want my help.
-the only reason why he's learning now is because he feels uncomfortable with our friends who all speak English.

-he works out every other morning to keep his weight at bay
-his weight generally yo-yos
-he is in fairly good shape
-he has a nice body
-he has a great ass
-he is balding slightly at the crown
-he adores his hair
-he is going slightly grey at the temples
-he is otherwise jet black in winter that bleaches quite a bit in summer.
-he is always tanned
-he is darker than an egyptian in summer.


The world according to Gaz said...

He sounds like the perfect Italian. What more could you need?
But i did notice you left out his prowess between the sheets?

cammies on the floor said...

What a great list,he sounds dreamy, and you seem to know him, but I was also surprised to see the more sensual attributes left out.

Johanna said...

I can see how Rob fits into the picture. With access to the two of them, I'd say any woman's needs would be met ;-)

Cande said...

I've talked many a time about bf in the bedroom. So I felt it was overkill but:

-He makes me cum just about every time.
-He is good once things get started.
-He sucks at starting.
-He knows exactly what I want and when.
-I feel like he can read my mind during sex.
-He loves anal
-He doesn't talk much, but he does, on occasion say the odd thing.
-There are one or two positive sexual episodes I will never forget with him.
-there are three negative sexually related episodes I will never forget with him.

Advizor54 said...

it's fascinating, i wonder what my wife's list would be....

Even with all the positives, you've left off some negatives that are impacting your relationship, of course, it's your list include or exclude anything you want, but if a few key things are missing.

I go back to what I've said before, "Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston" There is no one so perfect (such as Ms. Aniston) that makes them trouble-proof.

you will find your own path, your own match, and you will be happy.

Marcus said...

He sounds pretty multi-dimensional (except maybe for maybe some of the art and music stuff) and we kind of had an idea about the sex stuff, although your additional list in the comment helped fill in some more.

His eating and drinking habits reminded me a lot of how the first generation Italian families were to visit when I was growing up - always getting offers of food and drink no matter when I stopped by, and it was all really good!

rachel-xx said...

I enjoyed reading your list about your boyfriend. Like Advizor said, I wonder how the men in my life would 'list' me. I am surprised he hasn't tried hard to learn English for you - I mean really, I'm trying to learn Italian for you :)

Cande said...

Advizor: Yeah I left out the obvious stuff I guess. I complain about that relatively regularly on the blog. This was just an information gap filler of sorts.

Marcus: Yeah he is fairly multi-dimensional I guess. He's a good guy, and yes the food is fantastic.

Rachel: I KNOW!! I can't believe you're learning Italian. Are you going to come visit me when I get my place?? But seriously, this is one of my pet peeves. I don't understand it. I really tried to get him to learn at the beginning, then I just stopped trying. He ignored all my attempts.