Friday, April 30, 2010

The dream

I had a dream this morning. My alarm clock had already gone off but I kept dreaming.

I have this student, I must have mentioned him before. He's a kid, he's 18 now, but I've been teaching him since he was about 9. He was such a little brat when he was younger, I despised him. His mother is a bit of a freak. She is at his beck and call and always wants to know what is going on with him, she won't let him live. Typical Italian mother.

In the past few years I had been going to his house to help him study and help him with his homework twice a week. It's his mother that doesn't really think he's capable of doing anything on his own. Going twice a week every week for years does something. I grew pretty attached to the kid. It got to the point where I was missing him during the summer.

Of course as he was growing up our relationship started to change. We had more and more in common. I would start showing him stuff on internet, he would ask me for help setting up his computer or his first email address or his msn account. We talked about music, I found out we had similar tastes in music so I could send him stuff from my phone or from my mp3 player to his.

All this went on and on, and I noticed he started flirting with me. I hadn't noticed it until relatively recently. And I didn't really care. I just kinda thought he was a cool kid.

This year I haven't really been doing lessons with him. He has been busy with other subjects. Next year will be his last year in high school so I'll have to do a bit more with him next year. But I think in total I've seen him about 5 times this year. The last two times was yesterday and the day before. It was intense because we did two long lessons in two days. He was studying for a kind of final exam. And he was basically cramming.

Right so all of this to say that I had this dream. It was obviously brought on by seeing him for such a long time in two days. But I never expected it to be such an intense dream.

We were in a room, an attic. Let me say here that he doesn't live in an attic, he has a childish bedroom in an apartment with his parents. But this room was as if it were in the same house just a separate apartment from that of his parents. We were on his bed, and we were supposed to be studying. He was older, I'm pretty sure he was in university in the dream (I'm just guessing, seeing as he had his own apartment of sorts). And we were just taking a break and talking. I had laid back on the bed to rest my back, and he sat next to me. He then laid down facing me, on his side, propped up by his hand. He touched my stomach, lifting my shirt just to my ribs, and slid his hand slowly down into my jeans. My stomach jumped, ticklish I guess. Then my shirt was somehow higher (hey it's a dream) and my bra was down off one breast. He lowered his head and as he got further down into my jeans, he slid his finger inside me at the same moment as he took my nipple in his mouth. I gasped. And I woke up.

It was intense. Very intense. I didn't want it to end. I was actually late for work this morning because of this dream. I was drifting in and out of sleep repeating the images in my mind. It was the second half of another dream I'd had last night. I don't remember the other one. But I do remember thinking that it wasn't the whole dream, when I woke up from this one.

So I have a new student. He's 28, I'm going to try to concentrate on this guy or my cute co-worker. I can't be fantasizing about 18 yr olds. What's wrong with me? ugh.

Anyhow the 28 yr old is hot, he's nice, but he's a bit of an airhead, I'd say typical macho 28 yr old. He has already mentioned in passing that I'm cute. It was a seemingly innocent comment about getting a year pass at a gym. He asked if I worked out, and I said no, he said that if I wanted to, the gym where he goes gives discounts to pretty girls. That was that, I thought it was pretty tacky, the discotheques here do the same thing. It's a bit sleazy. It's to attract the men I guess.


Anonymous said...

Your story sounds almost exactly like a friend of mine had. Unfortunately for her it ended her 20 year marriage. And the end of the affair was even uglier.

And trust me I know first hand what a child can to a grown adult.

Be careful.


Anonymous said...

Damn I never hot teacher or tutor.

My loss.

Leonhart said...

I second Sage - I wish I was a dumbass at school and so maybe then I'd have got a hot tutor to coach me through all my teenage years.

I bet that guy has had a serious amount of wanks about you over the years!

Cande said...

OWL, hah. Yeah, there's NO way I'm going to get involved with an 18 yr old!!! no worries there :)

Sage: heheheh... There's still time

LH: not sure about the wanks. But I've always had the fantasy with normal aged students, in class though. This is the first time I've dreamt of being in a students house.

Diner Nighthawk said...

I don't think anything is wrong with you. He's a young man you find attractive, I don't see this as anything but the most natural way to feel.

While there's a certain beautiful symmetry to him growing up and you fantasizing about becoming a more mature kind of teacher to him, this does strike me as a bad idea.

Cande said...

Nooooo DH... I'd never do that. I'm the first one. Like I said with Owl, I'd never go off and try doing anything what-so-ever.... Nopety nope nope. I'm not that dumb.