Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ok I'm going to bitch a bit today.

I tried posting last week but for some reason blogger wasn't working the way it usually does. I couldn't upload pictures on Wednesday or copy and paste a post I had written previously. I even had an HNT pic to schedule for Thursday. And I didn't get either of them up.

I'm also getting tired of so many things... frustrated more than tired.


I was on chatroulette last night, caught a cute guy, thought he might be american, he looked american, but he was Italian. So many f***ing Italians on chatroulette since they did that news report on it... Arrrgggg.
We played around, and we didn't exchange contact info because he had a gf and I don't need another Italian temptation. He was really super close to where I live too. I'm talking less than an hour by train. We did have fun though.

Then, the strange thing... I got banned from Chatroulette!!! I mean WTF? hmm perhaps it is for the best. Now I'm wondering if maybe my neighbours were on.... they're using my internet. I don't think I got reported...Anyhow I'm back on... I had to turn the modem off and voilà, I'm back on!


Italian boy is pushing hard to get together with me. I'm trying to figure out how to tell him no. Yesterday he said that he is stubborn... no kidding... He told me not to sleep and to think about what excuse to use with bf so that we could discuss it today... um... a little overboard??

Anyhow I think today I'll tell him that bf is getting suspicious or something. I am afraid that this guy is going to be tough to get rid of.


I wanted to take a bit of time and distance from him, but it's not working. He texted me, told me how much he was thinking about me, and I didn't resist answering back... and I've been thinking about him way too much, about his cock inside me. That's all I really want.

But today I go onto my hotmail account and he has changed the picture on the live MSN thing, and he has a new "friend" on there too. I shouldn't care but I noticed.

I remember a conversation we had years ago. He said to me that the friendship we had was different from others because he felt that he could be completely honest with me. Maybe it was at the time, I think  things have changed.


James said...

i keep getting banned, too.
Good luck with all those Italians, too bad we Americans aren't on a closer time zone. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Technology is great but can really suck some times!

I could use some chatroulette lessons, can't seem to make any headway there, but I'm sure it helps out a lot if you are a hot woman!

I can tell the longing for Rob is wearing a bit on you, cool off for a bit and see what happens, follow your gut instincts.

Anonymous said...

i have read about 10 of your posts and quite like. this one in particular though hit me where you speak of him saying that your friendship was different.