Monday, October 18, 2010


The vibrating base can be felt from the feet up through the body to the head. The sound is deafening, it's the sensation that the world is in another dimension. It's there you just can't hear it. Like taking a painkiller. The pain is subdued, but you know it's still there. It's just your brain tricked into thinking it's not.

The music surrounds you and envelops you. It wraps its cold tentacles around you, the beat pounding as if you had a second heart. Your body gets confused, your breathing quickens to match the beat and the adrenaline hits you. 

Sweaty bodies everywhere, warm and humid, moving unanimously to the sneaky rhythm, jumping, pounding and swaying. Slithering together like a colony of ants on a drop of honey. They’ve got one mind, one soul, and the world is gone around them.

Hands reach around your waist, slipping easily over your skin leaving a trail of warmth on your belly. A gravitational strength pulls you closer. The music has taken over your mind you can’t comprehend so you just go with the flow. Your sensations are impeded, but you can feel his breath on your neck, it’s different from the rest of the humidity in the air, it’s sweeter, it’s warmer, it’s closer. His lips graze that perfect curve between your neck and your shoulder. Your head lolls to the side while your eyes roll back into your head and you forget the music altogether.

All sound is gone. It’s there, just like the world is still there, you know it is. You just can’t see it or hear it anymore. Your world has centred onto that moment, that sensation of him. His breath, his hands, his strength, his warmth. 

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Advizor54 said...

I love music, dancing, the feeling of being seduced by the rhythm and by your partner at the same time.