Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a kiss

They were saying goodbye. He was running for a train. They had spent the afternoon together and they were both on edge the whole time, almost to the point that they were both feeling queasy. She was "taken" and they had basically been wandering around the town where she lived. They could run into someone she knew too easily. 

They were both shy and no one would take the first step, but time was running out, they only had 15 minutes before his train was in. 

He stammered sentences; something about having a good time, something about meeting up again. She wasn't concentrating on what he was saying. She just stared at him and started giggling nervously. She stopped him, told him that it was awkward and said "what should we do... should we..." She pointed at him then at herself and he understood. 

It was a matter of seconds, the gravitational pull forced them together, his hand reached for the nape of her neck, hair tangling between his fingers,  and the other slid slowly down her back to her ass. They were locked into an intense kiss, they had both wanted it so badly. She was utterly aware of every sensation, yet her mind was clouded. Her actions were not connected to her thoughts. It felt like some sort of organised confusion.

His lips soft against hers contrasting with the grazing abrasion of their teeth which was so similar to the sensation she felt below; the metal of their belts knocked together when he pulled her in closer. She could taste his sweet minty breath from the gum she had offered him and her hand automatically reached for his jaw pulling him in even closer, wanting only to feel the sensations of his skin in her hand. 

It only lasted two short minutes that seemed to make time stand still, then he backed away from her and started talking again. 

That was it. It was over. He was walking away. She started to turn, started to wave, but he came back towards her. His hand reached out for her head a second time and that magnetic connection was made yet again. This time tasting more, her tongue slipped in between his lips, gliding under his teeth parted just enough to let her in. The tips of their tongues met for an instant and then pulled away. Her lips moved down to his bottom lip to take it between hers to feel its suppleness.

The second kiss lasted less than the first. And they parted this time walking away immediately, only glancing back to see if the other was moving away. A wave and he was gone. As he moved further into the lights that lit the front of the train station, she melted into the darkness of the street ahead of her.


Advizor54 said...

that nervous first kiss, the rush of possibility of more, the clock ticking cuts all thoughts short. A captured moment that is lost at once.

I love this post.... reminds me of the best of my first dates...

rachel-xx said...

Is there anything better than the first kiss? Men probably don't get it. Loved your story Cande. Again, you have the perfect way to write about what I want to feel.

Anonymous said...

feels like the first time. Perfect.

slowburn said...

Very nice. Yum!