Monday, July 11, 2011

Going backwards

So Today is Monday. I actually texted Co-worker yesterday at around sunset saying how much I'd like a Mythos (greek) beer and a pack of Doritos, because that was our staple afternoon food while in Greece. And he answered something like "no kidding"...

So Today I went in to work, everything is normal apart from the ridiculous heat. It's like 40 degrees here or something. But I didn't get up the courage to ask Co-worker how things were with the gf. I did however ask my other co-worker who knows him better than me, and they had had lunch together so I figured she knew. Turns out they're back together.

I think he wanted to tell me, but it didn't come out. I'm not sure why really. But he did ask me how I was at one point today and I said "good and you?" and he just said "good" I think he was expecting me to ask about his gf maybe, but I didn't.... I was shy, and I hate talking about stuff like that with people around.

Anyhow I feel like things are regressing. I was hoping that things would go back to normal since we're back at work, but I think the breakup set us both back and scared us into remission. So yeah we're at a stalemate or something.

As for other news. There isn't any really. I was hoping to meet up with Rob this past week, but I was busy, he was busy and then left his phone somewhere so no meeting up.

I am leaving on the 21st of July for New York and then a tour of North America. I'm not looking forward to it, I'm not sure why, but I'm not. I kinda wish bf weren't coming in some ways. But oh well, I'll manage. I have also been off on so many trips recently I can't bear the idea of packing again. I have no idea what to pack.

I'm slightly frustrated with everything and I just wish I could hide in a cool dry home with airconditioning and paint or something.

I'm frustrated with all men at the moment so yeah... that's how I'm feeling sorry boys!! xoxo


Advizor54 said...

All men?

Hmmmmmmm, that's not good.

When do you arrive on the West Coast?

Johanna said...

I get the feeling you feel you shouldn't bother him, that you don't have the right. But you've been intimate, you've shared. You have every right to know what's going on inside his head, with regards to you, to the times you shared in Greece, and how that connects to his recent breakup, or not. Text him, tell him you feel a need to talk with him, alone. Ask him to find the time. Be clear - to him, to yourself. Don't hint, or shy away, or wait for him to take the first step. I think you both need to discuss what happened, and it's completely reasonable that you do so, considering what happened, and if he's too shy or undecided or male-ish to make it happen, then you do it. Claim an hour of his time, you earned it. I think it would do you both good.