Monday, July 25, 2011

New York

How long have we been away for? 4 days?.... yeah well we already got into a massive argument. Things started out ok, we even had sex on our first night in NY but heck... this is not good.

I don't get it. We were under some stress because we got off to a bad start here, the people who were supposed to host us backed out at the last minute... like 11pm on the night before we were leaving home. And luckily they got us a hotel but only for 3 nights and we had to find our own hotel for the rest. We got screwed over by an internet company for hotel bookings, and so there was a stupid, who's to blame game going on yesterday. I was right... bf recognized that afterwards, but in the meantime he told me that I was "completely crazy" and that I should be in a loonie bin. Which I got upset about because I didn't think it was necessary to use insults.

Then our friends took us out to do some sightseeng and were asking him questions about what he wanted to do and see, and he honestly hadn't looked into anything before coming here so he didn't really have any answers. But they kept suggesting things. I was translating everything of course, and they kept asking him questions about what he wanted to do and then he blew up at me saying that why don't I tell them what I want to do he obviously hadn't understood the situation... it was uncomfortable, because they were trying to be nice and it sounded like he was getting angry at them. So they ended up not saying much else on the topic after that.

On the up side I got an iPhone... but I don't have a sim card for it yet so sadly I can't use it.

We have another three days here, we'll see how it goes.


A fellow canuck said...

Sometimes reading your blog is like watching a car crash in slow motion
And I have no idea how it will work out but I hope for the best for you.

Max said...

I'm so sorry...this doesn't sound good.

Best of luck!