Monday, July 4, 2011

Well well well... Yes I'm back. My week in Corfu is now over. It was a rather interesting week. I apologize I did not have internet as much as I expected. I only had unlimited internet in the morning while I was working and therefore always had people around hanging over my shoulders.

I hand wrote two evenings while there. But didn't have time to continue later in the week. I don't know whether to post what I've written since It's already typed up or whether I should just post a summary of the events.

Maybe here for everyone's sake I should just post a "brief" summary. I know that people tend to be afraid of reading long posts. But I may post them for myself.

Co-Worker and I started our trip out by a lot of talking, from the car trip up to the airport all the way to greece. It was never awkward or strange but we joked around a lot and had a lot of fun.

There was a moment in Athens during our 4 hour wait where he started talking about how his girlfriend was angry and he went on a little tangent about how he didn't want to do anything because he was in love with his girlfriend and contradicting himself saying that if something happened we are adults and can take care of ourselves. And again saying things like if we really wanted to cheat we didn't need corfu to do it.

For practicality's sake we stayed in a little bungalow together which was obviously a secret for everyone else. We had separate bedrooms and we were very good at just keeping separate. But obviously the touching, constant contact between us was there. Apart from when we were sleeping or working our arms would always be touching. For some reason we both needed that.

We weren't alone very often either, we always had the two women who organized the course taking us places, to the beach or to dinner. But there was a day where we took off on our own and we talked again... talked lots.

Now the one thing that I have to say about Co-worker that kinda bothers me is the fact that he talks about himself a lot. I think it has to do with the fact that he gets nervous and just starts talking and he can go on for quite a while. It's never boring I must admit, but it can seem a bit conceited.

When we talked that day things were slightly different yet again. I asked him why he had told me in google chat (a while back now) that he was a bastard. He told me it was because he likes to lead people on without any real interest. Which confused me quite a bit because I couldn't understand why he would lead someone on if there was no attraction whatsoever. But then again that same day he was talking about how he liked me, how we have a "good energy" together, we get along well and so on. So I was obviously confused.

Come Wednesday morning he woke up with a migrane and I played nurse, I sat on his bed and gave him a forehead massage to see if we could at least turn the intensity down. As I did that he would caress my arms, my face my legs.... things had taken a slight turn. The contact was more intimate that evening we left our doors open, he started coming out of the shower with just his towel, the energy in the bungalow had changed. We were both hoping for something to happen... not sex, just a more intimate contact. By Friday night I spent some time on his bed in the evening, just talking and we talked about having sex, but neither of us wanted to do it, but we both admitted to wanting it. And he sent me to my room... although I didn't want to go, I was reluctant. I went back to grab a bottle of water and he grabbed my arm and held me there. But I left again...

Friday he had water in his ear from the beach in the evening and asked me to try a diving technique on him to get it out, by pouring warm water and vinegar in. It gave us (ok so I think it was his excuse not mine) another excuse to sit in his bed together in the evening.

I stayed that night... I didn't leave his bed. There was no sex, not even a kiss. At all. But we both wanted to. There were a lot of caresses, a lot of talking, we talked about sex a bit, having it. I tend to be really shy about that kind of thing, I keep my mouth shut, afraid of saying something stupid I guess. It's not my language. But sleeping with him was almost identical to sleeping with bf. Legs intertwined, subtle snoring. But in the morning his hands were all over me, caressing, gliding up and down my body. Over my thighs, my hips, my tummy... up to my ribs and then down again. He threw the sheets off of me in the morning to see me. I was in my panties and a tank top. He refused to let me touch him, he said that he was in control. He made the decisions.

I admit that my libido was low, I think my mind was working overtime to keep it that way. He was hard that morning, I could feel him, my legs on his, or from behind, or wherever. I tried to keep away, he tried to keep away, we were good. I wanted a kiss sooooo bad though. I love kisses... almost more than sex sometimes.

And I think he understands me.. I think he knows what I like, I'm not sure how he knows. I did hint at liking pain and pleasure at one point. He spanked me hard one day at the beach and left a big red mark. And on the flight home, I was leaning over him to look out the window at one point and he grabbed my head to push it into his lap.... jokingly... not right down... just part way. Both his hands on my head though... hmm. He kept telling me to stop provoking him.

So that's the story. Today it's monday, I'm back at work today and I'll be seeing him. Things haven't changed.... or at least we are going to try hard not to make the change visible.

I'd better stop this here. It's long enough as it is. I'll post more details and thoughts in the next few days.


Michael said...

if it wasn't to be, it wasn't to be. Can't help feeling, though, that someone should have made a move.


Johanna said...

"Good" is an interesting word here... you say you were good. I hope you don't mind my saying so, but as for being unfaithful, in my opinion you both crossed that line. Not that I judge you one bit, quite the contrary, but to me, not taking things further was pretty pointless... once you cross that line, why not cross it completely? If you didn't want to, fine, but if you wanted to but stopped because you felt a need to be "good", I'm confused. Oh well. I only hope you had a good time. I think you did, so by my standards - you did good :-)