Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mouth Fuck

So last night I was in bed, it was late and bf had just fallen asleep. I was crazy horny, I'd been thinking about Rob all day and just needed someone to fuck me silly.
I grabbed Bfs cock, his breathing quieted as he realized what was going on and I ducked under the covers to suck him off.

I climbed on top of him and rode him hard, his hands running their way up my body, my back started to arch in my imminent orgasm and he decides he needs to pull out. I groan a low "no" and roll off him onto my back.
I help myself to my clit massaging it frantically as he slips his fingers inside me, one, then two, then I can't resist and slip one of mine alongside his. My clit got to the point of being hypersensitive and everything felt SO good and I felt beyond cumming, but then it hit me and I bit bf's shoulder. After a few minutes of slow touching, bf still had to cum, so he kept working me, slipping his fingers inside me, helping me work my clit. I would push his hand here and there, making him do things, making him stop. Pushing his hand away and then pulling it back again.

We got to the point where he kneeled next to me, I propped my head up with a second pillow so I could watch him, I thought he wanted to cum on my tummy, so I fingered myself in anticipation as I watched him work his cock.
He did something I'd have never expected. He straddled my chest, came up so that his knees flanked my shoulders, his calves were locking my upper arms into place. My hands were down still working my clit, and he pushed his cock into my mouth. I couldn't move. One hand grabbed the headboard of the bed the other grabbed my head and he fucked my mouth. With all the practice I had with Rob, I can get Bf's cock all the way in now (he's smaller than Rob) and it would slide in down to the back of my throat, grazing my teeth on the way in.
God it felt so good. I loved every second of it, his cock cutting off my breathing, the feeling of being constricted and totally incapacitated. I continued to do the only thing I could, slip a finger inside myself while I circled my clit, I was dripping and yes I came a second time. It wasn't as strong as the first since I didn't want to lose control and bite down or something but it was sooo good.

And this was the first time I've had my mouth really fucked.

Funny how things go. It've been craving this so bad and somehow bf just knew.


Advizor54 said...

mercy! mercy! I give up. Just when i thought reading your blog couldn't get any better, you kill me again.

Max said...

Holy smokes.... I can only echo Advizor - you're killing us. :-)

Scorching hot...absolutely smoking.

Anonymous said...

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