Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The last morning

April 28th
The thing I think back on most is the look in his eyes, especially that last morning.
He was leaving early so he had set the alarm on his phone. The night before had been frustrating for me because he had kept the TV on and was keeping his distance from me. I felt the need for him to be close. I was missing the intimacy on that last night. But I respected his need for distance and kept mine as well.
I had taken my fibro meds and they were forcing my eyes closed but I kept reaching a hand out even during that night to touch him and pulling back unsure of whether he would accept it. Silly of me really. I'm sure now that I should have. 

The next morning I woke up on my own just before his alarm went off. I had a shower and slipped into a pair of turquoise panties and my white stripes shirt. When I came out of the shower he smiled and said an enthusiastic “Hello!” which was too cute for me to resist and I jumped back on the bed. I buried my head in his shoulder, kissed it and wrapped my leg around his thighs.
His hands caressed my legs and even commented on my unshaven state (lol), and then he guided me over his hard cock.

We took things really slowly that morning. He left me in control. His hands would wander over my neck and face, his thumb caressing my lips, parting them ever so slightly. His eyes steadily fixed on mine.

My hands were pulling at his cock, trying to free it from his boxers and once free I rubbed it up and down my pussy covered in the thin fabric of my turquoise panties. I would tease, pressing the head of his cock against my clit, rubbing it back and forth, all in what seemed to be slow motion.

I slipped a finger under the hem of my underwear and pulled them aside and teased the tip of his cock with my wetness and then eased him in.
At some point there was a comment for me to stop staring at him, my reply being “you're the one staring at me”, with a little smile.
He was laying on his side and part of that time his face was half hidden behind the bulk of his pillow, all I could see was that one steely eye searing a hole into me, my heart, soul and memory.

I think I eased myself on top of him for a while until he flipped me onto my back and fucked me. As he came, I tilted my head back to watch him. His head up, eyes tightly closed mouth open and then he looked down at me briefly before he pulled out and came all over my tummy.
That morning, through the whole event he never once took his eyes off mine, except to cum.

As we said our goodbyes that morning standing outside the hotel front doors on that street near the bullring, right across from Chinatown where we had eaten the night before. He told me not to be too sad. I said that I’d try but I was trying hard already to hold back my tears.

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Advizor54 said...

You are beautiful. You deserve every happiness you can find.