Thursday, May 3, 2012

I love you too

Me: your email cracked me up
Rob: yeah? you thought it was funny?
Me: yup *grinning*
Rob: So I guess we've declared our love for each other...
Me: yeah I guess so
Rob: but I don't want to talk about it because I'm embarrassed... *half jokingly*
Me: you're almost worse than I am with expressing your feelings
Rob: no-ooh *taunting me in my own "no" giving tone*
but it's not a bad thing, apart from it being forbidden, it wouldn't have lasted this long if were weren't in love.
Me: yeah you're right.
Rob: the sex was good though wasn't it?
Me: yeah, very. I keep having to...
Rob: I keep wanking
Me: ...get myself off.
*laughs from both of us*

The rest of the conversation was chitchat about how we enjoyed ourselves in Birmingham.

The email I refer to is one that he sent after I hinted at coming to terms with my feelings for him. I never really could accept them. Now that I have, I feel calm and safe. I have no anxiety or fears around him as I usually do.

Fact was that he caught on to my hint and after saying that he was confused about my feelings for him he just answered "I love you too" without any round about way of saying things, no explanations nothing. Straight and to the point. Just like him I guess.
I on the other hand, when I got that email, wrote a page back explaining why I was feeling so calm and at ease with my feelings, how I had had a hard time in the past accepting them and so on and so forth.

He never wrote back, but I knew that it just meant he was accepting it. No need to comment on it. The Skype call did confirm it though and I find myself smiling or daydreaming about him at inappropriate moments of my days. Recalling his eyes, his body, his cock, his accent, his smile, his rough hands and his "I love you" in the email.


Michael said...

Do I detect some major changes coming about? It sounds like you are in a VERY good place at the moment. So nice to hear.


Advizor54 said...

Moments like that are rare and precious things. I'm very happy for you....

And...since you probably aren't paying attention, you now have 200 followers. Congrats..