Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hot Cum.

My bf finally fucked me yesterday... and then again today.... it was good. He's been surprising me lately. Although he always surprises me.

Last night was impressive because it was a first for me.

I was laying on top of him on the couch just resting tummy down between his legs, my head on his chest. He started with a back rub. When I was ready he flipped me onto my side next to him. That's when he pulled my tank top down and my bikini along with it, and started sucking on my nipples.

He pulled my miniskirt up, bikini bottoms to one side and started stroking. I was wet instantly, he didn't really need to "prep" me much. That's when he slid his left hand under my ass and the other on top. With his left he grabbed my pussy, 2 or three fingers inside. With the other hand he fingered me, while the other fingers were holding me down basically. He shifted his weight forward and started flicking my clit with his tongue. It took about 1 minute. I came hard. I had to tell him not to stop. I've never cum with just fingers and tongue. it was a first.

I must be more in tune with my body. I listen to it more carefully. I'm confident that I know where my g-spot is, but I still haven't had an orgasm from just that. Today though Bf's cock was pounding my g-spot at one point. But an orgasm just from that is not happening, I've got to do more research on my own.

There was a lot going on the second time round. I think the thing that stood out the most was another rarity. I was laying on my back with my legs towards him, we were both just watching each other masturbate when he decided to kneel next to my tummy. He pulled my shirt out of the way and came all over me... alll over me. my tits my tummy my arms, it was everywhere. I can't be sure on this one, but I'm pretty sure we've never done that before. I mean he has cum on my tits before, but never from a kneeling position raining cum all over me. I never really noticed how hot it actually is when it lands. Perhaps it's the fact that it's 30 degrees here already, but it felt boiling.


Kevin Lomax said...

I'm jealous! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Go BF!!!!!!

Sounds great!

rachel-xx said...

If my Boyfriend knew about you, then he would be sending you a Thank You card for this morning. I do not know what it was about what you wrote, but when I read it, I promptly when back to the bedroom, rolled him over, straddled him, and gave him the best ride of his life.

Cande said...

Kevin: haha Good!!

Sage: OH YEAH!

Rachel: Ha! I'm glad I could be of some use! I still think we should get together if you're ever in the area or vice versa! We'd have such a blast!

Diner Nighthawk said...

Wow, what an awesome set of rendezvous. I've often tried to get Lena to just masturbate with me when we're both horny but too tired, but alas it's not her thing.

For the record, it is really hot when it first lands before suddenly becoming ice cold.

I'm curious, however: if you've never came from just oral and fingers, how DO you usually come? Self stimulation during penetration?

Cande said...

I thought that might be the case. The temperature is so strange. It's pretty crazy really to feel how the temperature changes so rapidly.

I always come without any self-stimulation during penetration. I'm always on top... and I can reach orgasm without any external stimuli.

I'm not sure that I was clear though, I have never come from someone else's fingers. I can come frequently with my own ;-)

Miranda said...

I've let very few guys do the straddle over me thing and cum. Most recently I let Flyboy and I have to admit, it's pretty fucking erotic and awesome. It gives you a hell of a view too!

Advizor said...

Are you really trying to kill me with these stories? :-) If so, I'll die happy.

What a write-up, what a fantastic moment.

Racer X said...

That was hot. And yes, cum is usually warm if not hot when it lands on someone's slightly cooler skin. One girl told me how much she loved when I would cum on her ass, the feel of the liquid heat shooting onto her soft ass cheeks. I loved it too.

Anonymous said...

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Cande said...

Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad that it was useful to you. I hope you come back. leave comments any time :-)