Friday, July 9, 2010

performance anxiety

I had another late night with Rob recently. It was pretty amazing as usual.

The best part, the part that when I think back makes me smile and makes me happy is just how at ease we are with each other. He wanted to make me cum, so I let him. He didn't need to tell me a story, he talked a little dirty, telling me what he'd do to me. But he would smile and that would make me smile, I loved it. When he smiles while watching me I know that he likes it. I couldn't help but giggle in silence (bf was sleeping).
I returned the favour, I doubt that I was very good at it. I'm much better at just stripping and teasing than trying to get a guy off  by just writing words.

With Rob, since it's relatively rare that I actually get to make him cum, I feel a bit of performance anxiety. I hope it was ok.

I was looking into flights over to London for July/August. They are quite expensive, I'm not sure I'll manage to get over. I'm hoping, but I doubt it somehow.


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Advizor said...

"He wanted to make me cum, so I let him." is about the sexiest sentiment I've heard in a long, long time. I like the directness from both parties, the stated desire to please, and be pleased, by the other.

And, "I hope it was ok." Don't worry, I'm just it was just fine, excellent, wonderful. He's a very lucky guy. If the plane too expensive, what about the train? Cheaper? Too slow?

Supercock said...

He is a lucky guy indeed..if the plane to London is too expensive how bout you fly to Chicago :-)