Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poems from the Past

Hold me like a child once did,
arms spread apart like the legs of an old madam.
Teach me what you know of the world 
and comfort me with the thoughts of another human soul.
Take me into the oblivion that we once both knew 
and push me into the void as you've always wanted to do.
Pull me from the candy that I yearn for ever softly,
stretch me over your body when you need my warm interior.
Force me to speak in cadence as you suck and lick me quickly,
insert yourself between my legs opening up the sky within.

That cold piece of metal forced through your tongue 
like a hot knife through words,
cold and tightening against my nipples.
Bite and pull as you once did as another.
The one who taught me the tricks of the desert.
Pound me with my head against the wall.
I'm waiting ever so breathlessly for your subtle climax.
Jam it back as hard as you can
so that its warmth and bitterness seeps down my throat.
Swallowing gently, kiss me, taste yourself,
smell the sweetness in my words.

** This poem was written in 1998, I was 20. The year I arrived in this country. I had met an american guy named Dale... yeah I'll use his real name, no one knows this story but me. There are a few punctuation changes I  was also debating changing "child" to "companion" in the first line. I wasn't sure why I used it but analyzing it further I've decided to leave it. I think it's the naivety of a child that I was trying to contrast with the open legs of an old madam
I chose to post this poem because of how relevant I find it. Dale was someone who inspired raw sexuality in me. The fling lasted about 2 weeks without ever having sex. Just me sucking him off and him sucking me off. This poem compares him to my longest relationship till then. All before meeting bf. 


Anonymous said...

That is frckin HOT Cande.

Cande said...

lol Sage, thanks hon. It's not easy to expose such raw thoughts, even if they are 12 years old. And you've made me feel good about it. xoxo