Tuesday, July 6, 2010

talk and touch.

I sometimes love the fact that Rob and I don't have audio. It means that I have a pretty permanent record of what we say. But there are times that I wish we could talk to each other. I feel the need to get used to his voice a bit, I'd like to get used to telling him naughty things that come to mind. I'd like to be completely uninhibited the next time we get together. Not having any practice will make me nervous to speak. I don't speak during sex at all at the moment. I'm afraid of making stupid mistakes in Italian. (I actually don't know a lot of the terms because no-one has really taught me). 

But in English I used to talk a little... whispering things to my lovers out of the blue. Don't get me wrong. I've always been relatively vocal when it comes to moans and groans. Especially during orgasm, my bf had to cover my mouth once hah... but speaking... that's a bit different. I've never really gotten used to that.


So my coworker and I are becoming closer. We've been talking quite a lot. He complains if I decide to go home for lunch instead of spending my lunch hour with him and the rest of our friends.

He actually asked me if I wanted to go to Barcelona to see Placebo in concert.... hah- Then I asked him if his girlfriend was going and he said yes. Her and another friend of theirs.


Every time I walk past him I have to contain the urge to touch him. He pretty much touches me every time he walks past me. And we are walking around in a pretty confined space all morning.... Between the two of us, we might touch each other 10 times in a morning. Some of it is pokes, some is a caress on the arm, a pat on the head, a light pinch on the side, just a touch on the arm or small of the back when we want to get by. I'm not sure if it's just me, or if it is unusual to touch someone so much in such a short amount of time.

I'll have to watch him and my other co-worker. Maybe he does it with her too... not sure. I'll keep my eyes open.

Today I was sitting low to the ground on a step, he was standing in front of me, turned to the side, I got this huge urge to rub his legs, feel the hair between my fingers (he was wearing shorts). I keep imagining the two of us close, so close we can smell each other's skin, we can feel each other's breath, our lips brush....
I'm hoping that it will happen... and I'm hoping it won't... it would complicate things.


Anonymous said...

On the talking thing, just say it in whatever language you feel comfortable with. I have ummmm played naked with a few chicks who didn't exactly grasp English and "cracker" was way beyond their vocal cords. And I have no clue what they were saying but their tone and inflection was plenty enough for me to guess, or at least fool myself into believing it was complimentary.

Cande said...

lol true... except when bf says "talk to me" I get weak knees and I can't manage to get anything out except "sto venendo" (I'm cuming in Italian).

But it is good advice. I had just never gotten into the routine of it with him.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me



you a man

big daddy

etc are universal if said with enthusiasm and intent!

Cande said...

That's just it.... "fuck me" is something that I would say in Italian if I could... but I don't know it.... "harder, faster"... are easy to translate yeah, but I'm not the *harder, faster* type.... I'm a bit naughtier than that ;-) and my man doesn't understand a WORD of English... so they're universal with most people... just not here :(

Anonymous said...

Pizza is the only Italian word that I know!

Google will be glad to translate for you though I am sure of it. He will understand fuck me I am betting!

Cande said...

lol.... well it might... but if it gets it wrong?? you know that the word for fuck and sweep are the same in Italian...

Anonymous said...

Well ummmmmmmmmmmm
Maybe when he's done he'll tend the house!