Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happiness is a warm kiss

**Nothing in this story is invented. It is based on a true event right up to him parking his car. I figured this was the closest I'll get to the real thing so here it is.**

She had watched him all evening playing in his band. He was tall, and very thin. His handsomely angular face was covered partially by his shoulder length black hair. Just the sight of him with his guitar turned her on. He would often play till his fingers bled. The passion he exuded when he played made it seem like he was making love to the song. He wasn't the lead singer. But he sang a few songs. "Happiness is a Warm Gun" and "Rocky Racoon" by the Beatles were by far her favourites, they had punked them up a little. 

She was sitting in the "Crow's Nest" as they called it. A little room above the dance floor in the club with a balcony view onto the stage. He brought her there personally, she was still 18 and under age, she wasn't actually allowed into the place. 

Below, he was on stage, singing and playing guitar. She knew every one of the members quite well. They were all friends. But she wanted him. The guitarist. They had been flirting for months. Never touching, just pleasant chat, a few rides in his car together, nothing more. 

The show was over and she knew that she could sneak into the crowd now, no one would notice her coming down from the "Crow's Nest". She started to mingle with the other band members, congratulating them on the show. She spotted him across the crowd, he stood out easily, as tall as he was. He was making his way towards her, beer in hand, lanky and slow. That crooked, sly grin on his face "lets get you home kiddo, I'm bushed".

They walked towards his little red MGB roadster with Marvin the Martian hanging from his windshield.
They didn't say much in the car until she was almost home. That's when he started talking about blues influences, Robert Johnson at the crossroads and selling his soul to the devil. She listened intently, memorising the information for future conversations. 

When they got to her house, he parked the car. They had fallen silent, it was the usual embarrassment before leaving each other. So many unsaid desires. Neither of them wanted it to end. She could feel his tension, not knowing what to say or how to proceed. 

-"So, I guess I'll see you at QV's tomorrow then" she said 
-"Sounds good to me"
-"My dad's not home... I bet you're exhausted..."
-"Nah I'm awake now"
-"wanna come in for a minute?"

He opened his door and climbed out, she followed his cue. They walked up the steps to the porch and she dug in her bag for her keys. 
Once inside she didn't turn any lights on. The house was lit in a blue glow from the street lights just outside her bedroom window. The light filtered through her venetian blinds into the hallway of the house. She led the way into the living room and plunked herself on the couch. He followed behind and hesitated a moment beside her before sitting down. 

Nothing was said, no words, nothing trivial. He just moved his hand towards her face, and cupped her head in his hand, letting her hair fall between his long fingers. She moved her head instinctively towards his hand, turning her face to kiss the palm of his hand. His raw fingers running lightly over her soft lips, teasing her mouth. His thumb running slowly over her bottom lip pulling it down to part her lips slightly. He leaned in and their lips touched. Hesitant, she pulled back slightly just for a fraction of a second, just a breath, and then back again. Their lips met this time with more pressure, she could feel the softness of his between hers. It was unbearably good, she pulled away again, this time pushing with a hand on his neck. She looked at him, her eyes searching his for a moment, only to be drawn back to the hunger she had for him. Shyly she tasted him, running her tongue lightly along his lip, just a taste, a stolen moment. His lips were musty sweet with a hint of beer. It was not franticly passionate kiss, it was hesitant. Shy. Almost embarrassed. It was light, non invasive and tentative. They hungered for each other, but they were wary, treading a careful path.


Anonymous said...

I hope they tread to bed in the next installment.

Diner Nighthawk said...

He had me at "Discussing Robert Johnson."

Cande said...

Sage: they won't... unless I want them too... but I don't think I do. Not this time. Sorry hon.

DN: not sure I understand...

Dinernighthawk said...

I just find anyone who can discuss Robert Johnson in this day and age incredibly impressive :)