Sunday, August 22, 2010

The strange evening.

Where to start where to start? There are so many things I'd ramble on about if I had more time, but I don't so I'll start with the strange evening. I have to do a bit of back tracking to set the scene though, so bear with me here.

Bf has a lot of friends in his home town, most of them live abroad or north as I mentioned before. Two good friends still live in this TINY town. One is a lawyer and the other has a small company. Let's call these two the Locals. They're the stars of the story.

The locals were quite secretive when we got to town, they didn't do the usual call and meet up with bf when we got in. We later found out that they'd been hanging out with two foreign girls, one Russian and one Romanian (these two races are not considered very highly here, that has nothing to do with my opinion but more the general public opinion. I have to set the feeling around these women).

According to a friend of theirs, they were both worried that the other outsider friends would make fun of them because they'd been spending a lot of money on these girls. Between dinners and drinks drinks they were spending in and around 500 euros for an evening. (doesn't sound like much but down there its TONS. Consider a beer is 1 euro)

One evening we decided to corner the group, lawyer, small company guy and the two girls, and get them to tell us where they were going. It was bf myself and another accountant friend who lives in Milan. First we went to a disco. And this was the first place I saw the two women.

One was super tall wearing extremely high heels, a white tube dress with a zipper up the front (which was unzipped to show her bra), the dress just barely covered her ass. A round and to me slightly tired face, but young looking. Too much eye makeup and frizzy fried platinum blond hair layered to her shoulders.

The other girl was short, with longer golden thin straight hair, a really ruined face with WAY too much black eye makeup. She had a round belly (almost as if she were a few months pregnant) poorly hidden under a red tube dress. The red tube dress didn't even cover her ass most of the time, nor her black bra. 

We had a few drinks there, the girls were never introduced to me or bf, and they kept their distance. They danced by themselves in the middle of the room with the bar (where no one else was dancing). Then the girl in the red dressed moved towards the bar where there was the lawyer boy and another guy. This guy (I have NO idea who he was, as far as I could tell he had nothing to do with our group) had his hands all over this chick. I mean ALL OVER, mostly her ass. Groping her and she turned around to grind her ass on his crotch.... man oh man... With the Lawyer boy standing right there watching and touching her as well.

Then we moved to another place. I got tipsy at this point and went to dance on my own. I didn't want anything to do with these girls. They seemed like (and I was told they were probably) prostitutes. The tall white dressed girl danced most of the evening by the DJ alone as if she were strip teasing or pole dancing without a pole. She was pulled aside by different guys during the evening including the accountant who she evidently didn't want to deal with. The shorter, red dressed girl was all over guys all over the place.

When I came up from the dance floor (where I danced alone since bf doesn't dance, and where I was hit up by a few guys), the red dress girl was cornered between three guys including the bf's friend the lawyer boy. When I say cornered I mean all three guys had their crotches touching this chick. They were all groping, no kissing, just a lot of hands everywhere.

I've never seen anything like it in person. I don't even know what to think. I can't be sure they are prostitutes. I can't judge them because in a foreign country in a place where I don't know anyone I may even do the same. Although I can say one thing, it was super sleazy I mean slimy sleazy (this is my personal opinion). I couldn't quite grasp what it was, perhaps the fact they were dressed so provocatively, perhaps the overuse of the eyeliner pencil or perhaps their behaviour but they were pretty nasty.

My other personal opinion was that being "embarrassed about the quantity of money spent" was a joke. The real reason they didn't want anyone around is because they were organising threesomes or gangbangs with these girls. I mean I don't know, but is it normal for a girl to be cornered like that between three guys if she's not organising to fuck them all??

Right so that's the story. Well most of it. The story ends that I get into an argument with bf because he let his VERY drunk accountant friend drive us home. He almost drove us into a wall then into a pole... we ended up, luckily, driving onto the sidewalk (a foot high), and narrowly missing the wall.

Me dancing, bf took the pic.
I got home at 5:30am and had a relatively nice evening dancing on my own. Nothing much to say there.

**On a side note I took the pictures of the red dressed girl with the accountant and cropped him out. I won't leave this image up for long. The white dress girl pic was taken by accident, she was in the background of another picture, and again for privacy I won't leave her up long either. I highly, highly doubt anyone I know from this part of the world or theirs will be reading this and will recognise them. But I do respect them enough to take them down in a week.**


Eden said...

I think the shock level depends, like you imply, on your degree on exposure to something like that before. I wouldn't say I see it everytime I go clubbing, but I've seen stuff like that enough times for it to now just warrant a typical roll of the eyes.

The girls don't necessarily have to be pros to act like that, maybe they were just on holiday. For example, Brit girls on holiday are the WORST for displaying similar behaviour and dressing the same (just watch the ibiza documentaries as proof). In any case, despite their behaviour, I just hope they took care of each other and the night ended safely for all involved.

Anonymous said...

I vote for MORE pics of the hot chick on the bottom and less pics of the ummmmmm not so hots!

Advizor said...

Well, the two girls are either pros or ho's so it doesn't really matter with, neither of them are as pretty as the hotty in the last picture, so we can take down their pictures and just leave the last one.

And I'm glad you escaped injury on your drive home, though I'm sure you'd look sexy in a hospital gown, I don't want you there for real.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting story. May never know exactly the whole story behind those two girls. Glad you made it home in one piece, and agree that the last picture on the story is definitely the hottest one!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I was going to tell you how hot you are also...but everyone already did so I won't.....oops, guess I did *smile*

The girls, kinda weird but that's what they get paid to do...have fun and play the part the guys want them to play. More power to them.

Also, I find that in porn and in prostitution that if you are not have to be dirty...sounds like they are dirty.

Diner Nighthawk said...

I've spent very little time outside of the States, so I can't really effectively comment on those girls' motivations. But I know that the same kinds of girls here in California, and they're not prostitutes... they wear make up on the boundary of "did she do that on purpose?" and "Oh, she's a party clown!" You can't tell if their actions are a parody, or how they really behave sexually. I don't have the motivation or the right to pick them apart psychologically, but I imagine it has something to do with a desperate need for validation.

Said the guy who's always in desperate need for validation :-P

Sheen V said...

I agree - your's is the best picture! Yummy!!

Anonymous said... least you look fabulous and tastefully sexy. Nice work.

B from Canada