Monday, August 30, 2010

My day, Rob and other ramblings

I had an interesting day today. I went to work thinking I'd only be doing the morning. I dressed accordingly. I was wrong though, I ended up working afternoon too. On Monday mornings I just go to a relatively clean studio and I play the part of the professional interpreter for the morning. In the afternoon, I sometimes go to a dusty messy studio and play the part of the jeans n' T artist. So this morning thinking I'd be just playing interpreter I went dressed up. I wore a black figure fitting cotton dress that is above the knee length and tends to be off the shoulder. I wore kitty heel black patent sandals, grey leggings and a wide elastic belt worn high, over my ribs.

Check the middle picture, something like that anyhow...

NOT ME! lol

So yeah I was decked out hair up with a shiny black headband. I don't normally go to work like that unless I'm teaching, (I don't get too dirty while I'm teaching). 

When I go to lunch I eat with a group of about 10 people, not everyone is there every day. But this group includes my cute colleague and other men, among which a gay man and some other men in their late 40s early 50s. One guy, a good friend of mine, who would never think of really truly flirting with me got all hot and bothered around me today. He actually bit me on my neck. He asked me what kinds of words I say during "those moments", whether I spoke in Italian or in English. He told me that having my bra strap visible was a turn on... it was over the top for him... with me that is. Good thing I'm not terribly attracted to him. 

Then my cute colleague told my boss that she shouldn't let her personnel "dress like that".  He also told me that he'd like to bite me, and I almost answered... "go on bite me", I had to bite my own tongue to keep myself from saying something. Oh man. Hormone overload today.

Under the shower today I had a moment of almost melting at some of those thoughts but I gathered myself without ado and finished my shower.


On a separate note I talked to Rob the other afternoon. I told everyone that I was doing my translation and I hid in the bedroom for a few hours. He came online and without video, or rather with just my vid on occasionally we chatted. I got some stuff off my chest about family and anxieties and stuff, it was good. He made me feel so good, and there was nothing sexual in the chat, it was nice. Really, really nice. 

I asked him to tell me a story. He told me this wonderful story. It was really cool. I can't describe it really, but I'll try to write it up and post it here at some point soon. All I can say is that I was mesmerised. I just sat staring at the screen waiting for the next sentence. It was so descriptive that I could smell the smells, I could imagine everything he was saying, and feel the sensations of the sun or wind on my skin. It was just a description of an afternoon. When I talk to him I spend the whole next day thinking about him. 


Things with the family are getting more intense. Bf's brother was doing very well up till now. The chemo caused a kind of inflammation of the mouth, oesophagus, and intestine. They say it's normal, or within the norm. He can't talk, eat or drink though and they gave him a morphine patch. The wife showed up here yesterday in tears. The only one who went to comfort her, (and bf's mother and sister were both there), was me. I gave her a hug and led her to the couch where she sat with me and cried. Then the sister came over and started crying too. 
This brother who's in hospital has two kids, the son is the (ex?)drug dealer kid. The daughter is a sweet 14 yr old who is staying with us at the moment. So I've got bf's mother and niece in the little bedroom on bunk beds and his sister is on the couch. This means less privacy than before. No watching tv late, no late internet, NO FREE TIME AT ALL unless I manage to lock myself in the bedroom to do my translation. At which point I generally want to work on the translation and I don't do much else. 

The 14yr old has latched on to me. I love her, she's a wonderful kid. But she feels abandoned by her parents, especially her mother who is working tons and spending her free time at the hospital (of course).  I think the girl is seriously afraid for her father, but she shows no emotion whatsoever. I'm worried about her. I try to spend time with her when I can. 

Too many ramblings. Next post will be shorter, promise!


Advizor said...

Don't make your posts shorter, they are all fascinating and I love them.

It's funny how one work outfit can trigger so many reactions. I can imagine you looked fantastic and for those used to seeing you in dust and clay, it's probably quite a revelation.

Best wishes with your hospital troubles. You are being a real angel to the family in so many ways, a place to stay, a shoulder to cry on, a surrogate parent. These are heavy loads to carry and you really are a blessing to them.

Diner Nighthawk said...

Anything of value I had to say, Advisor already said for me :-) Do want to stress though: your posts are great, don't be self conscious about length. I, for one, have never found myself bored with a read through :-)