Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things change fast

So I'm sitting at home with Bf's mother across from me. It's getting dark and I just finished rewording stuff for the English version of a website.

The family has been hectic. I'm not as happy as I usually am with them around. It probably has to do with so much time spent with them already. 10 days down south and now another week. I don't have any space of my own, no privacy at all. I had to take my laptop into the bedroom today to get the pseudo translation done and while I was at it I took the opportunity to very quickly get myself off, I haven't had an orgasm since the "bad sex" while on holiday down south. For someone who has 3 or 4 of my own creation on a normal day, that's a long time without.

The family has been falling apart around us, total chaos has taken over. I'll recap the situation quickly.

Brother 1 is in hospital with a bone marrow cancer, he is doing a stem cell transplant and all is going spectacularly well so far. His son is a drug dealer and was kicked out of the house this spring, but came home shortly after and bf helped him find a job (I wrote his CV) and he seems to be behaving himself, he even went to see his father in hospital. Younger 14 yr old daughter is staying with a friend until her father is more stable.

Brother 2 is separated from his wife, left for a much younger (35 yr old) Romanian woman. When he left his wife she became anorexic and depressed and was sent to hospital. They (the brother and three daughters) found her an apartment and she went to live there where she became more depressed and anorexic once again. The oldest daughter went to live on her own and in the meantime the other two daughters, one 19yrs old and one 15 had an argument with dad and neo-girlfriend and ran off to their sister's place. Mother got sent back to hospital and when she got out the apartment was pulled out from under her feet because she wasn't paying rent. She went to stay with the eldest daughter.
4 people in the same tiny apartment, all is being paid by the oldest daughter who is 22, rent, gas for the car, food, cigarettes, her own teeth (braces). She's working two jobs.
The middle girl (the brightest) graduated from high school without even a phone call from her dad or her mum for that matter. She can't figure out whether to go to University or to go to work to help her sister cope (we're trying to figure out how to convince her to go to Uni). The youngest will be back at high school in mid September, we're still trying to figure out where they're going to get money for the books.

I can remember when I met bf, he had such a great family, two happy brothers with wives and kids. now it's just a total mess. Just a year ago things were fine.

We're trying to be mediators whenever we can, but it takes a toll on energy levels.

I'll have an HNT pic up for tomorrow. I have the day off work, I have to work on a translation so I'll be able to take time to myself.

I want to get back to my regular life!


Anonymous said...

well hope you get some time alone and I hope bf's fam gets all their shit worked out.

rachel-xx said...

I read your post hours again and then something you wrote struck me like the proverbial ton of bricks. You have 3 to 4 orgasms a day . . . A DAY? Dang girl, you are something.