Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sex from the past with Trucker part 1

Ok, there's no actual sex in this story, but I'm going to tell it anyway.

This is the story of my very first official boyfriend.

The story goes like this:
It was summer and I was in Jr. High. I always hung out with two girls, one was my best friend (let's call her Harmony) and the other was my best friend's friend (let's call her Rhea). Rhea and I didn't get along much. In fact she hated me. She was really competitive and was always trying to beat me at things. I'm not really the competitive type, but when people challenge me, I go for it.

They were headed to a birthday party out in the boondocks of the city I grew up in. The birthday boy was a rich kid who had a hot tub and was basically Rhea's boyfriend. I didn't know the guy. But somehow I got invited. I trucked my ass out there by bus, It had started out as a hot morning, so I was wearing really short jean shorts with my bathing suit underneath. But by the time I got to the neighbourhood it had started to rain.

I got to the house and there were a lot of guys, actually I think me and my two friends were the only girls there. I was freezing so I jumped directly into the hot-tub with the other boys.

I don't remember too much of the party, except that the birthday boy... let's call him Trucker kept flirting with me. He would touch my bare thighs, run his fingers under the hem of my jean shorts.... It was the first time anyone had ever touched me like that.

I'm not sure what happened next. We somehow kept in touch, but I got invited to his summer cottage with my two girlfriends. And Rhea was still supposed to be dating him, Harmony really liked him, and he was flirting with me. It was a really uncomfortable situation. It made Harmony jealous, and Rhea hated me even more. But Rhea and Trucker were really involved (as far as someone can be involved in Jr. High) They would go and make out on occasion.

One of the four days we were there everyone was sunbathing or playing at the bay of the ocean inlet and I went up to the cottage to go to the washroom. When I came out of the bathroom I found Trucker waiting for me. I'm not going to make stuff up, I don't remember what happened after that, we probably kissed. He must have cornered me. But we ended up on his parent's bed making out.

It was my first time doing anything of the sort. As we were kissing, his hand slid down my shorts. It scared me. I didn't know what to do. I can remember the sensations, the smell of his heat and the ocean on him so clearly. The butterflies in my stomach were ganging up on me, but I kept my cool.

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