Wednesday, August 11, 2010


**This is a story inspired by a recent experience alone, (if you know what I mean). I was taking tomorrow's HNT pic and this is part of the result. I just wish there had been a man involved.**

Her hands were tied tightly behind her back. His invention was ingenious. The long silk scarf went under her shoulder blades, over her breasts covering them, crossing at the neck, a half an overhand knot behind her neck to join the two halves and then down the length of her back to her wrists just at her tail bone. The more she struggled the tighter it became around her neck.  It was a contradiction, but she was forced to relax, even if she was tied up. Being tied up turned her on and she squirmed on the bed to get some release, it was a vicious cycle though because it just tightened the scarf around her neck more.

Her legs were neatly tied at the ankles, leaving little or no space between them. He had asked her to wear her strappy black sandals with a 5 inch heel and to tie her hair up in a high and very tight ponytail. 

He sat her on the edge of the bed facing him. He sat in the armchair across from her and watched her. He loved to watch her squirm. She could barely sit still. She wanted him so badly she was tempted to stand up and try to walk towards him, but she knew better. She'd end up falling onto her knees. Then again, maybe that's what he wanted. 

He sat and watched her. contemplating what to do, there were so many options.

He ordered her to lay tummy down on the bed.

To do so she toppled over onto her side, raised her knees onto the bed to push herself on better and then rolled onto her tummy. She was laying parallel to him, she could see him, and he could see her whole body.

"Can you touch your pussy with your hands from behind?" he asked her

She could. With a slight strain, the scarf tightened but she could reach her wet pussy. If she lifted her hips she could even touch her clit.

"I want to watch you make yourself cum like that" he told her quietly.

She wasn't sure she'd be able to manage, she was definitely turned on, but with her hands behind her back she wasn't sure she'd be able to put enough pressure on her clit to get off.

"Go on", he encouraged her. "Try".

She slid her fingers into her slick pussy slowly. Feeling how wet she was, it made her moan in pleasure. Her other hand was tied to the same spot, she could only rotate their position. She could slide fingers in from both hands and she did. It filled her better, she couldn't get in terribly deep, but it was enough. She started to move her hips, getting some rhythm. Arching her back she could easily touch her clit, but she couldn't do both, she couldn't penetrate and touch her clit at the same time.

She was getting closer. He could see it, her face was flushed red, her breathing was short and fast and her hips moved higher and higher. He was hard watching her. He loved watching her please herself.

"I want you to use one hand on your pussy and one in your ass now."

She opened her eyes and looked at him, her mouth open, she was catching her breath. She couldn't believe he'd just asked her to do that. She'd never done that before. She was shy and hesitated.
He nodded her on. She shifted her hands to accommodate the new position.

He knew she loved a finger in the ass while making love, it usually made her cum hard he was sure it would work this time too.

Her finger was already wet, it slid in easily. She felt the tightness around the tip, it made her gasp. The other hand worked her opening but she couldn't help but buck against her hands now. Lifting her hips higher, arching her back more, instinctively her finger went deeper into the forbidden hole. She could feel the spasms starting, her muscles pulsing around her own finger, she lifted her tummy off the bed, almost on her knees now, pushing her fingers in as far as they would go, her shoulders supporting her weight. She was pulling so hard on the scarf that it had exposed her breasts and it had tightened around her neck. she moaned with pleasure, feeling the tension everywhere from her shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Everything straining against the scarf.

He watched her cum, hard and pulsing himself, he wanted her so badly, but he knew he had to wait. She came down slowly, spent and tired. Face flush with a natural blush, her lips red. Her body relaxed, limp on the bed.

She was out of breath, tired from the exertion. She relaxed and her eyes settled on him. She could tell he wasn't done with her, but for now she just watched him squirm in the chair where he sat.


Diner Nighthawk said...

Wow. Will this particular fantasy have a sequel?

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

I'm with Diner Nighthawk, I think it should. Very nice!

Mike129 said...


Cande said...

DN & Frenchy: I'm not sure, it probably could, I haven't written it yet so for now no, but it's something to work on.

Mike: :-)

Jenny Swallows said...

yes, we definitely need more!

Anonymous said...

Love this one, what a rush!