Sunday, March 6, 2011

Art shows, Orgasms, and Hot dreams.

Yesterday (Saturday) was mostly good. I got invited to a guided art show here with a friend of mine. It's actually a friend of Bf's, but that's not important. The guy is clinically blind, and belongs to an association which does "outings" with the members to art shows for free and stuff. It was good. I like him too, he's actually a pretty good looking guy, and he's super intelligent. He's getting a degree in political studies.

I wasn't feeling 100% at the show, but I managed to get through all of it. It was pretty long. My back and stomach muscles were sore. But it was cool.

Once I got home bf was already off to work, so I settled in, ate myself some dinner and then promptly got myself off on two videos, It had been sooo long since I'd had one that it didn't take long at all. One was of a guy doing a chick from behind, she was oiled up, it was just slow and deep penetration. The other must not have been very memorable because I don't remember what it was.

Bf got home, sat at the computer and watched his soccer game while I watched sitcoms on TV. He kept coming over and hugging me, kissing my forehead and caressing me. He knows I'm angry at him for the cigarette thing. He also knows I'm trying to ignore it. And I think the hugs and stuff are his way of saying I'm sorry... or I feel guilty or something.

Once bf went to bed I had another O with another video. I've switched porn sites too. I was using RedTube before, now I'm on to Youporn. I like the videos of college parties, where girls get fucked in front of a crowd. Not sure why I like them. Perhaps because they seem relatively genuine. So I got off on a college party. It was a 16 minute video and I got off in the first 5. They hadn't even gotten to the fucking yet. It was just him, fingering her, and then going down on her. It looked sooo good.... mmmm

So I guess due to all that (three orgasms in one afternoon/eve) I had this dream. It was with Co-worker. This is the first sexual dream of him that I remember. I was working, trying to decorate something for christmas I think. And he came up to me and hugged me from behind. It wasn't just an ordinary hug though, he wrapped his arms around my belly and pressed his hard cock into my tailbone. I kept trying to work. But he kept 'distracting' me. He wouldn't let go of me... not that I wanted him to, I kept smiling and telling him we couldn't. He kept kissing my neck, and groping me from behind. And then he pushed me towards a wall with a high work bench, my arms went down, bent over for him, and he was lifting my skirt... when bf came into the bedroom and woke me up. ARRRGGG totally not fair.


Johanna said...

Mmmm.. sounds like a very good day! I love the urgency of not having come in quite some time... but mostly I have a hard time waiting that long ;)

Eden said...

Maybe boyf had a sixth sense that he was being left out ;-)

I hope you're starting to feel a bit better and that things wiht you and boyf are OK.

That Girl said...

wow. all these orgasms and playing is sounding like my life ! ;)

ebony panther said...

I hope you're feeling better. Hopefully, it's just stress & not something more serious.

James said...

a very busy day, sounds very nice. Too bad bf was helpful.

Advizor54 said...

3 and a dream? Sounds like you are starting too feel better at a certain level, and i HATE getting woken up at that moment just before it gets good.

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