Thursday, March 3, 2011

Into the fighting ring.

Years ago I was home sick for about 6 months to a year. I couldn't walk, I was bed ridden basically, every time I ate I would get dead tired and wouldn't be able to get up from the table. I had to be carried back to bed at times. I often had lacerating stomach pain or back pain to the point that I couldn't walk. The problems never seemed to end and no one could find a reason. I was taken to hospital prodded and poked, and they gave me all sorts of different things to try including cortisone. I was told I had an A-typical pneumonia. Then I went to see a rheumatologist and he finally diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia.

When I kept having stomach pain I had an ultrasound and they found kidney stones and so my questions were apparently answered.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine here was also diagnosed with Fibro and she mentioned that intestinal problems and inflammation of the intestines is one of the fibro symptoms. This means that it might not just be a kidney stone thing.

Maybe it's a combination of things but whatever it is... it's back. I was up all night Sunday wanting to call the emergency service here with crazy tummy pain, up again last night. I think I'm going to have to get back on track with trying to figure things out. I called my doctor, she thinks it's my appendix since it's only on my right side, and is also a pain that that tends to reduce a bit when I'm standing or sitting, hence the idea it might be the appendix.

Anyhooooos I'm on a liquid diet which means I'll loose weight that I can't really afford to loose. And it means I'll be hungry and on edge, not just for food either... there certainly isn't a lot of play going on either.


A said...

Yikes sounds terrible! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Johanna said...

I'm so sorry to hear that... I have an experience of having pain to the point of not sleeping, eating or hardly even breathing, with no doctor being able to explain it and several diagnoses coming and going. It's awful, and not knowing certainly adds to the suffering. My problems went away but still come back about once a year, but less and less each time (so far). So I completely understand the fear and hopelessness of realizing it's back, and not knowing whether it will be the same once again... I hope you'll find a good explanation and cure, and that you'll feel better very soon! If you do have an appetite, keep those liquids fatty and delicious... Many hugs.

Joe Nobody said...

Hope you feel better and heal up quick.

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Joining all the others to wish you a prompt recovery, my dear. Hoping that the morale is not too down.