Saturday, March 19, 2011

Questions for my readers.

I got an email yesterday from a nice person at an online erotic toy shop and was asked to review a toy that they would send me free of charge. I'm contemplating it.
Here's what I thought for the blog: I could set up a separate page for the reviews and that way it wouldn't interfere with the blog itself.
The page works so that I'd have a tabs at the top of my mainpage that can be clicked and you are linked to a page that is just like the diary page, but it would be dedicated to the toy reviews.
I'm not really into advertising but I know the company is a serious one and the products are good products. It would give me the opportunity to try out toys that I've never had the liberty or possibility to try.

I only have one more problem. What to tell BF. Should I tell him that I bought it as a surprise? should I tell him that I write erotica for a site and they send me free gifts? He never gives up the possibility of free things, he'd understand that part. But I'm worried what he'd think about the "writing erotica" part.

The other minor problem is customs here... I'm worried they'd get their hands on it and I'd have to pay customs fees. lol, that would be just embarrassing.

So what I'm asking my readers is this:

-Would advertising on a separate page to the diary-blog bother you?
-Would you think less of the blog in any way or would it interest you to read the endeavours of me trying a toy out and receiving it, bf's reactions and such.
-Any ideas on how to go about it with bf?

I would appreciate any ideas or comments. Even if you've never commented let me know what you think, or send me an email that you will find in my profile. Don't be afraid to be honest. I hate advertisement normally so I understand perfectly if you might think it can harm the "feel" of the blog.

On a completely different note:

I found the Windex in the fridge with the juice this morning. I put it there last night I think... I say I think because I honestly don't remember doing it... but it was definitely me. It mirrors my current mental state perfectly though.

I worked a lot this past week. I'm bushed. I actually went to bed before midnight last night and had a decent nights sleep. I'm feeling a bit better this morning thankfully. But I have a lot of things I need to do this weekend, and then it all starts up again on Monday. 
Luckily though, things are winding down for my evening stuff. And so I'll be a bit freer as of the week after next. yay!


Advizor54 said...

As much as I love
the idea of getting you as any toys as possible (big smile) I wonder
about the paper trail. You would, of course, have to tie your real
world identity (I assume) to your blog so they can ship products and
pay you for your work.

I also wonder how you would explain the 3rd, 4th, and 5th vibrator,
and when the sex swing with motorized lift gets delivered I don't know
what you'll say. And I want to hear the conversation with BF when you
get a strap-on for testing.

As for customs, I can't speak for where you live, but the company shipping the product should be aware of any regulations on their industry. If nipple clamps and rubber hoses are illegal, then they should know that and keep you out of trouble.

As long as you feel like it fits into your real life I think it would
be interesting to try.

Johanna said...

Wow, what a nice offer! And a good choice, on their part!

I would definitely love to read both your reviews and your experiences.

One concern would be if you didn't enjoy the product sent to you - would you feel ok with being honest? I like reading product reviews written by people whose judgement I've come to trust, through blogs or otherwise, but if I'm only reading rave reviews it does cut into that trust a little bit.

As for your boyfriend, you could say that you won it on some site. But I agree with Advizor, it could appear strange when they keep coming... If you went ahead with your "writing erotica" idea, wouldn't he want to read your stories? If I were him, I'd ask for the link - then what?

I personally don't share my toys with my husband... I wish I was in a marriage where the thought of trying them out together would arouse me, but sadly, I'm not. Anyway, accepting the offer but not sharing it with bf would be an option. Or you could simply say that you ordered it online, for him and you to enjoy.

Cande said...

Advizor & Johanna: As far as I can tell I'd be in control of how many products I receive, but I'd have to make that very clear to the business.

Yes the paper trail might be a bit tricky.... I would generally avoid that kind of thing, but I am tempted to trust the source to keep the information confidential.

Telling him I just bought it on line might be a solution. He doesn't speak English so I doubt he'd ask to read the stories, but I now have a collective site that I write for which doesn't have my HNT pics and I could always show him that.

Hmmm still thinking.

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Hi, I also received a proposal for reviewing sextoys, please check your mailbox.


Ethan Lambert said...

I think that if you could find a way to keep the boyfriend from being suspicious, it would be awesome if you started reviewing sex toys. They don't have to be on a separate tab, either, I think they could flow naturally into the narrative you've already got going. The nice thing about this blog is that it's not strictly a sex blog (just mostly :-P). As long as you were honest, I think it's a logical extension of the journey we're taking with you.

Also, I'd love to know what sex toys you Like :-D

Michael said...

I like the idea of a separate tab for reviews. You could post pics and reviews of the products you try.

I'd suggest getting a mail box in another town, which should help with confidentiality.

As for BF, I wouldn't tell him at all. Just keep the stash somewhere he won't find it. If one day, he does discover them, then tell him you're doing reviews