Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last night

Him: So are you gonna take your clothes off or what?

Her: Nope

Him: Right then, I'll just go to bed

Her: *lifting her shirt to reveal her bra* I'm not getting undressed, I'm leaving everything on.

Him: Oh you are, are you?

Her: *slipping her hand inside her bra to tease her nipples* Oh yes, I'm not getting naked for you.

Him: Slip your hand down your pants then.

Her: *slipping one hand down her panties while the other is still twisting her nipple* I'm not doing that either, you just want to make me cum.

Him: You're not going to cum?

Her: oh no... I'm not.

Him: So you're not going to rub that clit then?

Her: *rubbing her clit*  No I'm definitely not.

Him: Are you wet?

Her: *slipping her finger inside just a little* No, not at all, why would you think that??

Him: I think you are...

Her: hmmm maybe.

Him: You're just a little slut

Her: *taking her bra and shirt off.* No, I'm a good little girl. 

Him: No, you're a dirty little slut.

Her: *rubbing clit faster, leaning closer to the cam and whispering* No, I'm clean, very very clean.

Him: Take off your jeans.

Her: *taking off her jeans, leaving just her panties* Hmm I can't do that.

Him: What do you want to hear?

Her: Tell me what you'll do to me.

Him: You mean how I'd lick you all the way up your spine to your neck?

Her: hmm yeah.

Him: I'd lick and kiss your neck, and bite, I'd run my tongue down your shoulders and suck your nipples. Then I'd lick your clit, and slip my fingers inside you, work your g-spot.

Her: *slipping her fingers deeper inside*

Him: Show me your pussy, face the camera.

Her: *slipping her panties off* Are you gonna fuck me?

Him: Oh yeah, I'm gonna slide my cock deep inside you. I'm going to grab your hair, spank and slap you, hands around your neck, while I fuck you hard.

Her: *working faster, breathing harder, leaning back... she cums*

Him: Right, time for bed?

Her: hmmm nope not yet.......


Anonymous said...

very hot!! Good Lord

Johanna said...

Mmm... yes. Sounds like a good night ;-)

Anonymous said...

giggles. this was hot!! i love it.

Cande said...

Joe: thanks! lol

Johanna: it was indeed ;-)

That Girl: thanks!! haha, glad you liked it.

Advizor54 said...

Wow, this is amazing, I don't remember being on-line with you, but it does explain a very strange dream I had last night...


Extremely, very very good.

ebony panther said...

Sounds like you & Rob had a great time again :)