Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot guys and my dad.

Two good looking guys on my way to work in the morning just make my day.

One is doing construction on the road I take, he wears a green monkey suit and he's probably in his 20s he says good morning to me every time I go by, and yeah, I go past there even if I don't have to... ok it's not like I make my trip that much longer, maybe 2 minutes, but still...

The other one is a guy that I've mentioned before. He works in the same field as I do and he's the one that a while back stopped me in the street one evening. Every time I see him though he looks different. He had a beard for a bit, then he had stubble, then none, then he's got his hair long, then short, Then with mirrored Raybans and then without... He ALWAYS says hi to me first and I end up flustered saying that I didn't recognize him. This morning though, he was standing where I was expecting him to stand and He had no beard but his raybans on and I recognized him and said hi first. He was talking to a pretty girl that wasn't his wife.
Without the beard he is HOT I mean the kind of hot where once you're far enough away from earshot, you say DAMN to yourself and this morning, on my bike as I whizzed by I smiled, covered my mouth (as I tend to do sometimes when I do something I shouldn't) and I said "damn he's hot" under my breath.

Today is Thursday, I wish I had an HNT pic... I like HNT. But things have been so hectic that I haven't had time to think of much. In fact there are emails I should be answering which I haven't gotten round to either. Perhaps while in greece I'll get to those.

Greece is around the corner. I had another argument with Bf yesterday that just got me so on edge. It's becoming a nightmare. I really really wish things didn't have to be so complicated. Sometimes I wonder whether I should give him any information at all. Keeping my mouth shut might make things easier... But I'm generally an honest person and I like to keep things clear so I'm stupid and tell him everything even if it makes life harder for me. My boss's sister is coming with us, they were supposed to go together and so she didn't give up her ticket and is coming anyhow. I thought it would make bf more comfortable. But it just brought out another argument so...bleh.... whatever.

I think my dad may have caught on that there's someone else in my thoughts. He told me today that if things don't survive with bf that I should try not to get involved with anyone else until it's over. It would make things so much more complicated. But I know that from experience and I told him that I didn't have anyone else.... I wonder now whether I should have told him about Rob. I'm really open with my dad. I'm sure he'd understand or at least listen and give me insight or advice. But I didn't tell him. I'm not sure why yet. But I'll be thinking about it, I want to ask myself that.

*Edit: reading back on this for editing I think that I'm afraid he'd convince me that Rob is a bad idea. My father has an incredible power of influence on me. I'd be afraid that he'd try to talk me out of the online relationship. Not that it would waiver me much but I'd have constant doubt... better not tell him.

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OsShirt said...

As much as I hate to admit it, real life generally trumps HNT. It happens a lot. Hopefully you'll have some 'alone' time in Greece!