Saturday, September 26, 2009

Being Me

The week alone is over. The weeks together have started. The frustration is around the corner. Closer than I think.
He's already getting on my nerves, although I can deal with it. Rather, I should say, he knows how to keep me from getting annoyed. He calms me. It's the little things. Leaving things around. Leaving dishes.... you know. When you're on your own you deal with all your own stuff. I'd rather not deal with other people's things. But I'm selfish that way.

My week was a busy one. I had difficulty with my boss. I worked lots. I was busy with the bf. I wish I could have had time for HNT this week. It just means when I find time I'll be posting two to make up for it. My bf usually works on Saturdays giving me time on my own, but this week that isn't happening.

This evening I'm going out with two girls. It may in fact be the first time that I've ever really been out with girls like I used to do in Canada. Drinking and just plain having fun. Make overs, nail polish, pillow fights, passing out and all that stuff!

I want a banana split
I want to see Rob on skype
I want to eat bacon
I want a studio where I can work
I want, I want, I want.
How selfish can I be?


Leonhart said...

Well, maybe wanting a studio is a big ask. But I think bacon isn't beyond the boundaries of realistic expectation!

Your relationship doesn't sound like it's in a great place at the moment. But then I think back to the high of one of your previous posts - when bf came back and was in bed with you - and that's a whole different tone than this one.

I wouldn't accuse you of being selfish. Perhaps just a little irritable today, eh?

Anonymous said...

i want to eat bacon, too

Trée said...

This post is the backside of my pillow. I crave time alone, as if it were oxygen.