Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still kicking

Yes I'm still alive. I have not been able to get onto Blogger recently due to a mix of work, bf and art time for me. I've started on a largish project which will be eating my time up for the next while. However I do plan on catching up on all my reading and posting. So alas hang in there.

A few notes:

I'm writing a post on Mr. New (I need to find an appropriate name). It's the shower scene ;) so It should be fun to read.

I spoke with Rob recently, and things seem to be lacking. Again it could be my imagination, since it was him who texted me, and we had a nice yet brief conversation. When I asked him if he would be around next week he said he didn't know.

Bf will be going away for a week. (did I already mention this?) In any case it means that I'll have time for Rob (if he wants the attention), Mr. New and Blogger, not to mention my art project.

I have had no sexual behavior in the past few weeks due to various things. Nothing serious. Just tail ends of stuff. But I will be back on track next week. I'm excited. wooot!


Leonhart said...

You sound happy. Or, in the very least, positive. And considering the downturn you were on last week, or whenever, then things seem to be looking up.

Cande said...

Very true Leonhart. I needed the time to myself which I found in the "project" I'm working on. It's time dedicated to my soul, and it makes me feel better.
thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of you.