Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sex From the Past number.... um... nah there's no sex in this anyhow.

I caught up with another person on Facebook recently. He's a guy that I have often thought of in the past years. He was a guy I met because we just stared at each other a few times. When we finally got a chance to speak to each other he said to me "do you know me?".

He was the tortured artist type. The tall lanky guy who has long black hair, black leather jacket, and generally always wears black. He was an amazing artist and musician. He played guitar and sang in a band. I would go to every concert possible. I adored his guitar playing and his singing. He turned me on with every song he played. He lied to me about his name. I went for months thinking his name was Raoul. I actually invited him to my graduation as my date. We had spent so much time together. He was older than me by a few years and he was afraid of ruining me I think. But I wanted him to make a move. He never did. We got so very close a few times.
He turned down my invite to graduation and I was upset about it but found someone else to go. At the last minute he changed his mind and said yes, but it was too late. I had already asked that someone else.
He is honestly one of the main reasons I'm in Italy at the moment. He asked me if I would go to Italy with him to study art in Milan. I said yes and was so gung-ho that I actually started organizing it. Then destiny kicked in because various other events pulled together for me to come here. He backed out on me. He probably never really meant it in the first place. It was wishful thinking on his part.

Catching up with him on Facebook freaked me out a little. There's a picture of him and he's still entirely hot. His son must be 8 or 9, and he's cool looking. He will be hot when he gets older. He was married to a beautiful girl, I think they've separated because he results as "single" on Facebook.

Facebook is a bit of torture. It sometimes brings back those memories that were better left untouched.


Gray said...

This is why I keep facebook strictly for my family. I have enough on my plate with out old flames coming back into my life. *sighs*

Leonhart said...

Luckily, every one of my exes on FB hasn't got me yearning for 'what could have been'!

This guy, although evidently sexy in your eyes, doesn't sound like he's got the goods or capacity to back up what a woman like you would need from him.

Best kept as a 'nice fantasy', but not one that stacks up well as a reality.

Cande said...

Gray: Yeah you're right. It could be better that way. hmmm

Leonhart: You could be right. But I'll never know. I think that's what gets me the most. But I can live with it.