Friday, September 4, 2009

On My Own

I have been having been finding it hard to find the time to write anything recently. Partially due to my intense work schedule recently, and partially due to my mood. I've been feeling rather low.

I had an unfortunate conversation with Rob. It was my fault honestly I was in a bad mood and I was being a brat because I never get to see him online. So I was whiny. I should apologize.

I have recently been feeling like I need some time and space of my own. I really think I need time alone from my bf. Since he quit at his job 2.8 years ago he's been home and always around. As much as I enjoy his company, I cherish my time alone and in fact feel much more creative when I'm on my own.

I've been contemplating renting a garage/studio to work in. I'm an artist among other things and I do need the space. unfortunately my schedule often does not allow for entire half days for myself but I would like to try to organize it in such a way that I do have that time.

I think I would be happier in general, both at home and at work.

I have also learned that my bf has been thinking about heading home for a week to visit his mother. I am obviously invited, but I may have to politely decline the invitation due to work obligations so that I can have some true alone time at home.


Leonhart said...

Well, for a start, I guess you can hope that bf does go and take this trip to his mother's to give you some space.

I can totally identify with that need to have time freed up to do what you want. That's usually easily negotiated. But it's the SPACE that can be problematic. Just because someone leaves you alone in a room in the same house, for example, isn't the same thing as being left alone in the house.

Max said...

Cande ... I think that might be a good start. Sounds like you need a sanctuary. And it's important to release that creativity.

This is me hugging you.

RIV said...

If you feel like you need some time alone, just do it and don't feel guilty about it.
Everyone needs to be alone from time to time.

Do it and enjoy.
Maybe even hit a spa. :)