Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shopping can be fun.

I'd like to walk into a shop, with a short skirt and a thong on, shirt, shoes and the rest. I want to be surprised in some secluded area of the store by some attractive young man putting his hand up my skirt and fingering me right there. First by rubbing me through the fabric of my panties, then he'd move them to one side with a quick flip of the thumb and dip into my wetness. Maybe it would escalate. Maybe he'd let me feel how hard he was through his jeans, pushing it against my ass. Maybe he'd whisper something into my ear about how much he wants to put it inside me. Or maybe I'd lean back into him, arching my back, turning my head slightly and I'd ask for it. I'd tell him how much I want it inside me. Who knows, perhaps he'd just give it to me without warning. He'd have one hand on my hips guiding me onto him, the other would be in my mouth, to keep me quiet.

There are fantasies which I need to put into practice somehow. I read Advizor's post about his haircut and was reminded, so to speak, of this one.

Maybe I should organize it somehow. I mean I could, if I were in London or something, organize to be in a certain place at a certain time, and have someone I've only seen in photograph come and surprise me. Or maybe Rob would be up for it. Hmmm lot's to think about.


Leonhart said...

This is definitely a common fantasy you've got going on, I think. You've written about this kind of thing before.

Is it the anonymity of it? The risk? The part about having his hand in your mouth, to keep you quiet, suggests an element of surrender, too, which evidently appeals to you a lot (especially considering your previous post).

Just a thought, but would it be completely impossible for you to suggest this scenario with bf?

Cande said...

I'll think about it. It's a good suggestion.

I think it's both anonymity and risk, and yes surrendering is important. I like how you caught the detail of the hand in the mouth. It's probably what turns me on most in this post ;)