Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Shower

His eyes were on her, they didn't look away for a second. He absentmindedly popped food into his mouth as if he were at the movies.
The screen lit his face and reflected in his glasses as he watched her undress. She thought she saw a hint of nervousness, fidgety even. She smiled and continued to take off her bra and panties.
She adjusted the angle of the computer so that the shower was visible, made sure that the height was just right so that he could see her from the thighs up at least.
She never promised him anything. Just a shower.

It had been a hot day, she was sticky and sweaty from a day at work, a shower is just what she needed to relax, get clean and cool off.

As he munched on his snack, he was attentive, watching every move. She started with a rinse, getting everything wet, running her hands through her hair and feeling the water on her face.

Her nipples hardened and perked from the temperature difference of the water.
She reached for a bottle and started with her hair. Washing and scrubbing it thoroughly but quickly. She didn't know when her boyfriend would be home. When she turned to rinse, he could see the shampoo suds make their way down her long back and along the crack between her cheeks.

Next she reached for the shower gel. She abundantly poured it on her sponge and teased by pouring some on her chest, rubbing her hands over her breasts to make it foam. She passed the sponge over her entire body, from her neck and shoulders over her breasts, working her way down to that special place between her legs. The soap making everything slippery and smooth. the foam slipping into the most intimate areas of her body. She touched herself longingly knowing that there wasn't time for any real play, just time for a tease.

Grabbing another pretzel he noticed she had reached for something different. It wasn't another bottle. She had little blue razor in her hand, she used it quickly under her arms before moving down between her legs again, lifting her leg just enough to slip the razor under. She seemed satisfied by the smoothness, running her hand back and forth slowly, obviously aroused by the situation.

She was finishing, a last rinse. Stepping out of the shower, dripping, goosebumps, and a shiver. Wrapping herself in a plush housecoat, and a towel in her hair. She dried her hands quickly and grabbed the computer, carrying it into the other room. She closed the curtains on the window and proceeded to grab yet another bottle. This one was moisturizer. She smiled at him, while she watched his reaction as she dripped it onto her breasts obviously imitating what he called liquid pearl. It created something of a mess. It looked like he had just cum all over her. She started rubbing it in slowly, enjoying every second of the slippery smoothness. She worked it into her breasts, tummy, legs and thighs, each time dripping it teasingly on the various parts of her body.

She looked up to see his reaction. He was concentrated smiling, but not making direct eye contact. He wanted to show her what she had done to him. She ran to get clothes jumped into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, just in case her boyfriend got home. She was eager to see what he had in store for her.


BlueEyes69 said...

Love steamy showers! Great post.

Max said...

lucky guy

Cande said...

BlueEyes, yes they're the best! thanks!

Max, indeed he was a lucky guy, but what he had in store for her made her quite the lucky girl! ;)

James said...

Mmmmm, sounds wonderful.

Leonhart said...

You paint a great image with your words. Probably not as good as the real thing but arresting stuff none-the-less. (How could he EAT when watching THAT? My throat would have constricted way too much!)

sin said...

Sounds so sexy!

Cande said...

James: It was fun ;)
Leonhart: Thank you. Sometimes I put a patina on things. Maybe they were worse than I've painted them to be... Maybe that's why he was
Sin: It was a lot of fun. Sexy too!