Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Urge

I have this urge.
To walk up to a complete stranger seeing some passing reaction in their eyes, approval, hunger, lust and just acting on it. No words should be uttered. I would walk over, semi confident, not looking the man in the face, but looking down. I would smile to myself as I walked over knowing what was coming. Getting closer I would look up at him and smile. I would back him onto a wall and wrap my hand around his neck at the base of his skull. Pull his head down towards mine and kiss him passionately. Running my tongue lightly over his lips as if I were licking an ice-cream, taking his bottom lip between my teeth lightly, teasing him, and then plunging my tongue into his mouth to explore its depths.
I think it would last a minute or two. He would remain awed, in shock, not knowing what hit him. And I would walk away licking my whiskers, turning my head to see his reaction.

This town is too small for something like that. If I ever visit a larger town on my own, I'll be on the prowl for the right person.


Max said...

I hope I am that stranger.

Cande said...

hmmm yessss.

Gray said...

*laughs* Come to Vegas, you can do this all you want.;)

Cande said...

hmm that sounds like fun!

Leonhart said...

That would be quite something, to do that. But if you managed it the way you envisage it, it would be an experience both of you would surely remember for the rest of your lives.