Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He's Baaack.

The BF is now back. He quietly slipped into bed this morning at 6:30 after taking a shower. His body was cool next to mine. Wet with invisible droplets of humidity, smelling like rosemary and mint. He spooned me from behind, I turned, half asleep, to plunge my legs between his to feel my burning skin cool with the touch of his. We slept entwined for hours. His presence strong and sure next to me.
When we woke up he kissed me, he pulled me towards him and suckled my neck and shoulder down to my nipples. He pulled my shorts off and pulled the covers away to reveal my bare legs. He spread me like a book and buried his face in my cunt. Licking like an animal, sucking on my clit, slipping a finger in and out and back in.

I pushed him onto his back, straddled his leg and went down on him. I licked his cock from base to tip while cupping his balls, massaging them delicately. I took just the tip into my mouth and swirled around it with my tongue, feeling the smooth skin of his head, before thrusting it deep into my throat. I pulled up, having almost gagged myself, to force it back down. I repeated these actions, licking , swirling, cupping and thrusting a few times before coming up to face him.

I usually have to guide his cock into me, but today we were very well coordinated. It slipped in easily, I was dripping wet and he was still covered in my saliva. He grabbed my ass and pulled me onto him harder, while I settled my head above his shoulder. He teased my ass hole with one hand, while he offered the other to my mouth, two fingers, that was unusual for him. It's usually one. He teases because it's taboo for him to put a finger in my ass. It would make him cum to put it in, so he rims. I needed more, I grabbed his finger and pushed it in. I moaned loudly with that and he pulled it out and slapped me twice on the ass making me gasp.

He was so close to cumming so he pulled out. I moved to one side on all fours and continued to finger myself while he got up behind me to watch. I fingered myself for him and he pushed his finger back into my ass, one finger in my pussy, all the while I kept moving on my clit. He pounded me like that for a while until he was ready to go back in. He slipped himself back in, never took his finger out of my ass and I never stopped rubbing my clit frantically. He came hard. Mostly on my ass, some of his cum hit my arm. The smell stung my nose.

I didn't cum. He did everything right. But after such a long time of not having sex it takes a while to synchronize. I'm sure we'll have another go this evening to make up for it.

Sex isn't just reaching orgasm. It's the pleasure of getting there. If you don't get there it's fun just the same.


Advizor said...

I love the way you write about your experiences. There is honesty and passion, with the reality that makes it more arousing than fantasy. I am glad he is back and taking care of you, I hope that you synchronize soon, quickly, and often.

Cande said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was inspired by an email I sent to one of my blogger friends. I should thank him! I'm sure we will synchronize soon, Thanks Advizor.

Leonhart said...

Really good piece. Especially liked the last couple of sentences, which read like a 'hallelujha praise the lord!' to all men worried about satisfying their partner.

Funny how sticking a finger up your ass makes your man want to come. Never heard that one before!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

oh my.... yes