Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am having such a hard time getting any writing done. Every time I touch the keyboard my BF asks me who I'm writing. He is extremely suspicious recently, and I can totally understand why. I spend all my free time on internet.

I'm wondering whether I need to tell him a partial truth, like saying that I have an online diary, which would make him so curious he'd want to see it. Or start cutting back, even if my daily use really is quite limited already when he's around.

How frustrating.


Max said...

That is frustrating.

He needs to be respecful though if you tell him it's an online diary ... which it is in a sense.

Do you clear all the history out when you are done?

More reason to get that studio.

Cande said...

haha yeah max. I don't clear the history, but he wouldn't be able to access anything because I sign out of stuff. But I often leave things open when I'm not on the computer (got to change this). He picked up this evening and anything could have been on. He never uses my computer.

dark snow said...

maybe telling him u got a blog is not that bad..

making it clear he will not get to know where it is would be tricky, if that is needed..

Leonhart said...

I'd refrain from telling him about the online blog/diary. If he's paranoid now it won't help. As much as I like seeing you crop up with a new post, perhaps you could 'lay low' for a little while to ease his concerns? Or at least be sure to be updating when he's not around and keep your blog life and your private life totally independent.