Friday, March 5, 2010


I have decided that distractions are quite necessary for the normal functioning of a person's life. Whether it's reading, music or the beautiful boy/girl who works in the same building as you.

We all need one and sometimes music and reading just don't cut it. Sometimes we need something a bit stronger. I could compare it to being tired and needing either a cup of tea or a real Italian espresso. Sometimes tea is enough, sometimes it isn't.

There has been some crazy stuff going on around my life recently. Stuff that I'd rather not have anything to do with. I seem to be coping well, when in reality I think that it's really probably bothering more than I'd like to admit. I try to be objective and keep my distance, but it doesn't really work that way all the time.

This brings me to wonder what's going on when distractions start to become a constant, even when there's no drama. Does that mean that I'm not capable of dealing with where I am in life? I think the answer is possibly yes. And once I've answered yes, what should I do about it?

Answering yes could also mean that I'm searching for the renowned greener grass on the other side. But we all know it's probably just a matter of point of view. Does that mean I should ignore it?

We all know I'm over analyzing. So I'll stop here. I should probably just go on with what I'm doing, without looking back and deal with whatever comes as it comes.


Leonhart said...

To recognise you have distractions is to recognise that which you are being distracted from.

I can't really offer much help on evaluating the thing you're distracting yourself from but it's not always a negative.

A distraction can be seen as an addition, or a compliment to, rather than an escape or alternative means of improvement.

I guess what really is concerning you is whether or not what you're being distracted from would be ENOUGH if there weren't the distractions. . .

Advizor said...

I allow myself to be distracted all day at work to avoid doing the work itself. My distractions (friends on IM mostly) are wonderfully more interesting than anything on my desk at the moment. Distractions are my escape and the way I make it through the day, but I've got to get them under control, eventually I have to do some work, right?