Monday, March 22, 2010


Rough on smooth, heightening the sensation as if reminding me where they are. They're small, dexterous, and demanding. You run them from my face, soft and gentle, to my neck, firmer. Placing the slightest pressure with your thumb on the muscle under my ear. Your fingers slide into my hair under the base of my skull and my head is at your mercy.
You bring it up to meet your face. Bringing it close enough so that I can feel your breath. So close that your lips graze mine. Then down, you guide my head forcefully down, and with it, me to my knees. Down your chest, down to the edge of your jeans where you quietly order me to open them.
You're already hard. There's no hesitation. My hand moves to touch you, but you softly utter another order, "No. Hands behind your back".  I comply.
Your hard cock is millimeters from my face. You hold my face entirely still. My mouth is watering and I'm dripping wet just looking at it. "Beg for it"

"Please, can I taste it."

"You'll have to do better than that." 

"please, I'd very much like to take your cock in my mouth."

"I'm not sure you really want it."

"I want you in my mouth, I want to taste you, I need it. I need you to fill my mouth."

"You need it, do you?"

 Your firm hand, fingers laced cautiously through my hair, moves my head forward only to pull it back again, leaving me moaning in disappointment. 

"You need it, do you?" You ask again.

"Fuck yeah." 

Your hand pushes me closer. My face grazes you. Your cock brushes my cheek, and you move my face to the other side, the other cheek. I open my mouth, my eyes looking up to meet yours. You slide in, forcing my head down all the way. There's no game here, it's pure pleasure for you, my air supply gets cut off, I gag, and you pull my head back off quickly. Holding me at a distance again.

"You said you wanted it, you needed it."

"I do, I do need it, I do want it."

"This is that what you want, is it?"

"Yes, I want more. I want you to make me gag."

This time with both hands, the other on my cheek. My mouth is yearning, inviting, waiting. And again you force me on to you. I try to hold my breath, try to resist the temptation to gag. You move in and out. I can feel you on the back of my throat. You swell, and I moan. Your hands move my head faster and you push further in. I gag again, I can't help it, saliva is dripping down my chin, and you pull me back. I gulp for air, breathless and hungry. 

"I want you to cum for me."


Leonhart said...

See, how come I never get to meet THIS kind of woman!?

The bit about the cock against both cheeks beforehand was a nice touch - no pun intended!

cheshirecat said...

Cande, all you ever do is amaze me. Keep doing what you're doing.

Cande said...

Leonhart: You don't need to, you've got an amazing one already ;-)

Cheshirecat: That's such a nice compliment, thanks. And welcome ;)