Friday, March 12, 2010

The Pipe

She was walking down the street I take occasionally to get home. Tall, beautiful, blond with a bob haircut. She was dressed like a model, not a supermodel, just a model. Beige pants, an open darker beige trench, with a shawl like grey sweater. Perfect subtle make-up, and a perfect walk on heels and a cobblestone street. There were two things that stood out about this girl. One was the garish white plastic ipod carrier bag hanging around her neck, headphones in her ears. The other was the Sherlock Holmes pipe she was smoking. Pipe in hand, cradling it like a fragile baby bird, holding it delicately between her lips and puffing away.

It was contrastingly beautiful and unattractive at the same time.
What makes a woman start smoking a pipe?
Is it to stand out or is it genuine eccentricity?


Anonymous said...

What a strange image! My guess the pipe is to draw attention to herself, but it would be a huge turn-off for me.

Leonhart said...

She sounds mental.

Like, medically.


Anonymous said...

I'm in. I hate smokers but that would be hot.

Cande said...

Wow we have a split jury at the moment...

Kevin: perhaps. Hard to say if it was a genuine passion for pipes or attention seeking.

Leonhart: Not mental, maybe eccentric. I almost admire it.

Sage: Like I said to Leonhart, it's almost admirable. I'm still torn. I can't decide if it's attractive. I'd have to spend more time with her to understand I think.

Advizor said...

I'll break the tie.

I've always like the smell of pipe smoke, more mellow than cigars, sweeter than cigarettes, but still not a flavor I want when I kiss.

As for the fashion statement, it's a strange choice in contrast to the otherwise feminine look. It has to be a choice to shock, to challenge, to cross-over into the masculine, but in the end, as I've tried to build the image in my head, it doesn't feel organic.

Pretty is pretty, but pretentious ruins it.

Racer X said...

Haha...I have never seen a woman smoking a pipe, ever. As most of the people on here have said, it just not seem natural or attractive.

What is natural and attractive are your pics...and I eagerly wait your next photo.