Sunday, March 21, 2010

The little things

We are told to appreciate the little things in life. There are a few things that I just adore.

-Little Xs on messages
-Little emails to say good morning and goodnight
-Long emails to discuss life's problems
-Comments on blog posts
-A kiss on the cheek in the morning while I'm still sleeping


Eden said...

Good morning, Cande:-)

Sweet list. I thought I'd add three little things I like too:
- a handwritten letter, or personalised card.
- being grabbed around my waist and hugged tightly and warmly from behind.
- a well made creme brulee (complete with crispy top!)

P.S. Here's to helping you tick of three little things from your list today too :-)


Cande said...

Eden, Good morning!

Handwritten letters are rare. I wish I received more of them, especially from men. I have received one from my man and I hold on to it dearly.

Hugs are really special. There are people I miss hugging terribly.

Creme brulee is just devilish!! hah.

Thanks for the additions.

Leonhart said...

Morning, Cande!

Here's a comment for you. I've left it on the side of your blog next to the fresh pancakes I made.



(That's 4 out of 6. I'll work on the others!)

Cande said...

Hah, sweet, Thanks. I guess I'll be having pancakes twice today. I had to make them for myself this morning.

Anonymous said...


waffle king

Anonymous said...

As a man, I love getting those really short inconsequential texts, just to show I'm being thought about...

Cande said...

Eternal: xxx WAFFLES!!!!

Kevin: ooh yeah, that is very good to know.