Saturday, March 13, 2010

"This is the year"

That's what he said.

It was an eventful meeting on line. It was full of words and actions. It left my heart beating fast.

There are times when I'm in a thoughtful mood and I start asking personal questions. This time it was about arguments with GF. Thoughts while they argue what does he think, what goes through his head.

Then we were talking about something someone pointed out to me regarding jealousy. I'd never thought about it. I'm not jealous of his gf only of other online girls because they intrude on my territory. He was the first one to notice that he wasn't jealous of bf, just other guys I "play" with on line.

Then he came out and started telling me how I was tempting him, being devilish. How he'd opened Pandora's box. He needs "closure, well not closure" as he put it. He needs to "find out if it's as good as promised". This makes me a bit anxious because I know we've both created high expectations of the situation. If it ever happens, we'll probably end up fumbling through most of it.

He's "heard and seen so much, but never got the prize". But he will "this is the year".

He asked me when. We talked about how, where, and what would happen.

So much went on in the conversation that just makes me hot...

He knows I need restraint. He knows what I need, some of it scares me a bit. Being helpless and out of control is something I'm not used to. It's something I need to try. I need to understand how it feels.

We talked about taking lots of pictures. A slow progression of undressing, sliding fingers in... all of them, to a progression of fucking.

By the time we were done talking about the so called details, we were horny.

He decided he'd let me watch today. He set up the camera in a very unique position. It allowed me to see his cock, and his computer screen with my face. He pulled up a folder of images I've sent him over the years and put it on slide-show. As I watched the images change his movements got faster, and he came all over his keyboard.

A picture of me in a silver bikini was the culprit... he says it's his favourite.


Anonymous said...

came all over his keyboard

for some reason, i can relate to that...

Anonymous said...

LOL I've always managed to miss the keyboard, but it's been a close-run thing sometimes!

Cande said...

Eternal: I wonder what reason...

Kevin: Hah, lucky you!

lexa said...

Damn, I have to admit you're brave. I am reading your posts so I can learn.

Leonhart said...

On the plus side, if he's serious, then it's probably the 'right' step (for you both to find out or find each other out).

On the negative side, he came over his keyboard!? Damn, that's messy.

I'd be intrigued to see this picture, mind!

Cande said...

Lexa: Welcome! I'm not sure I'm so brave... But I'm happy to see you're enjoying the blog!

Leonhart: I'm not sure "right" is the right word here. But it feels right. hah. I'll see if I can get him to send me a copy of the pic. I don't think I have it anymore.