Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday Night Sex

I had super hot sex with BF Saturday night. We had had friends for dinner, I had a few glasses of wine, although I wasn't feeling the least bit tipsy. BF had smoked a little Maria, which we don't do very often but our next-door neighbour had thrown some out his back window (and then told us) after getting paranoid which left us with a little stash for rainy days.

It started innocently enough, on the couch a little snuggling and kissing. Then he took my jeans off. I had hoped sex would be an event that evening so I had prepared a little surprise under my clothes. As I knelt over him crosswise, he got busy fingering me. He moved my black lace panties to one side and I just enjoyed the attention for a while. When I was ready I started to strip the rest of my clothes off. I took off my shirt to reveal my black corset. He didn't blink. I'm not even sure he noticed. Oh well. I was enjoying myself so it was all good. After he fingered me until I was slippery and wet. I finally pulled him out of his jeans and plunged him in. It didn't take me long to cum. It was pretty much immediate. I've been pretty aroused for weeks. I hadn't had sex in a long while. The orgasm was good. I think I made quite a lot of noise.

At this point BF hadn't cum yet and I figured I'd give him a little treat. I slipped him out and back... yes, back. I haven't done that in a while. But I was feeling generous. Truth be told, I was doing it as a request from an online friend, who told me to ask BF to "fuck me in the ass". But since he was high, I didn't feel the right mood to say something like that. Anyhow It was slow going. As is usual in these cases, it takes some time and practice, I have neither of those. With a lot of saliva and some cautious, slow pumping, it finally slid in and... oh it was good. I should have done it right from the beginning. I would have had a more interesting orgasm. I didn't come again. I did however, enjoy it thoroughly. I think BF enjoyed it. He kept stopping and telling me that he didn't want to cum.

He eventually pulled out. I'm not sure why. But he decided he wanted to cum on my tits I think. So I got down close to him and gave him a nice hand job until he started to cum, at which point, as per usual, he finished himself off.

It was a good weekend.


Eden said...

Hot post...jealous!!!!

I swear, I need to get laid by a hot guy. And soon. You are one lucky devil.

Leonhart said...

I echo the above: jealous!

Although I don't want to get laid by a hot guy.

Ass sex has never really appealed to me, so that's not the part that got me jealous. It was more the hot sex and then the handjob and getting to come over your tits. Yep. That makes me jealous! And very horny.

Cande said...

Eden: I am lucky. I'm lucky to have such a great bf. I'll cross my fingers for you!

Leonhart: Well... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too. I'm sure wife will come around soon! I hope!!