Friday, January 7, 2011


I've had a pretty good 2011 so far.

I've been lucky when gambling... ok so I don't really gamble, but I got to play "Tombola" the Italian version of Bingo on new years and won every game... (you don't win with just bingo, but they will take bets for three numbers and 5 numbers). Then I played poker and Rummy, or an Italian version of Rummy, with some friends and won 4 out of 6 games.

I have also had some pretty good Rob interaction. His computer is broken but he has an iphone now so Skype is at it's best ever with him... got video AND voice. :-D yay, that makes me super happy... I will leave the details to your imagination today.

I've been home from work. Bf and I have been getting along really well lately. Only a couple arguments over the holidays. But I think it's normal since we're both home all the time. I wish I had more time alone to meet up with Rob, but on the other hand I know I should be dedicating more time to bf.

Work has been slow. I start work again on the 17th of January, which means I don't get to see Co-worker until then. That makes me kinda sad. I miss him a bit.

Other news is that bf and I are planning a trip to N.America to visit my family and friends. It'll be 40 days total. I'm a little worried. Bf doesn't speak much English and he can be very frustrating when it comes to my friends... or at least he can be weird about food and hospitality and especially tips. Tipping is just not custom here. He says that if it's not written on the menu he doesn't have to do it... Arrgg it pisses me off.

I've got a few ideas running in my head for some hopefully interesting posts. So Here's to hoping I can manage to get them up!


Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Now all these are rather good news! And yes, please, waiting for your next posts! :)

ebony panther said...

Can't wait to see those next posts.