Thursday, January 6, 2011


This video turns me on.

Hot hot hot........I'm so curious to see the uncensored version. Plus if you've got Jared Leto, half naked on his own... throw in some bondage, some S&M and naked women and you've got an explosive piece of eye candy. Yummyness..... ok so it's 13 minutes long... But it's worth the wait, if you're the short attention span type, skip to the end... about the 10 minute mark.

How the fuck does he stay so hot at 40????


Eden said...

fuck, he's 40?!?! you are having a laugh. he must be some sort of peter pan!
jared is hot for sure though. i remember him in that show, 'my so called life' with clare danes. what a hottie.
happy new year btw! I hope you have a wonderful start, xx.

Cande said...

He's definitely 40... he was born in 71... ok... so he might still be 39... I'm not sure when his birthday is. But man oh man... I forgot he was in "my so called life" that was my favourite show when I was in school.... I looked a lot like Clare Danes when I was in school.

Happy New year to you too!! And Let's hope our year is better this year!! xxx

Advizor54 said...

So, all I have to do is get 4 inches taller, lose 30 pounds and be a world famous rock star to win your heart? It's good to have a goal....


Cande said...

lol.... it is good to have goals ;)

Anonymous said...

Holy fucking hot....and the