Friday, January 14, 2011

Jared Leto uncensored and other stuff

Thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday on the HNT pics. Hopefully I'll have some more up next week. I seem to be back into my groove. I have some left over pics from that same series that I might post... or if I manage perhaps some new ones this weekend.

I went in to say hi at work yesterday. Co-Worker was there. Gave him a kiss on the cheek. He said that he had thought of texting me over the holidays a few times but never did. He liked my gift, it was a little thing I made. It was nice being back in his company... I'll see him next week as we pick up again.

I've caught Rob on skype a bit. Apart from getting me off, getting me really hot, he still talks about getting together. I'm going to London for a concert in May. So there's another possibility. I think it may be the last opportunity. I told him quite honestly that I wouldn't be getting my hopes up this time. And he said that he didn't blame me.

I am so addicted to him. I can't get enough. I don't want to get over it though. Like a drug addict not wanting to go to rehab.


For those of you who are interested in the uncensored Jared Leto eye candy video HURRICANE (30 Seconds to Mars) that I had up here in the Youtube version. You can click this link. The quality isn't the best, but it's the full version. And you'll probably have to hurry because who knows how long it'll last. For sure it's visible in Europe. I'm sure the full uncensored version is available in better quality elsewhere on the net for those of you who are in the US. I unfortunately can't access those.


Eden said...

Happy belated HNT - your pics are wonderful (as always)!

If you do come to London, my offer is genuine if you wanted to meet up: and I'd be happy to show you around a bit. You can get me at my email should you feel like it - it's always nice to meet new people anyways.

Overall, I do hope this trip will be much more fun for you. May will swing by, I'm sure! :-)

Anonymous said...

Click "explicit version" and enter your birth day (18 and over) to see a good quality uncensored version.

Cande said...

Eden: Thanks! I'll definitely think about it. If I don't have too much on the go in May when I'm there I'll let you know, we can get together for a coffee or a night on the town. :-)

Anon: Thanks for that!! I wonder why I didn't find that on my search for the video, how strange....

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

I watched the video several times, it is quite oniric and erotic and and Jared Leto is hot! A revelation!