Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random sexual (and non) thoughts

I think that I need to make a New Year's resolution list for sex.
-Have more sex
-Have more sex with bf (same as above I guess)
-Discover more about what bf likes
-Teach him more about what I like
...Then there's what I'd like but have very little control over.
-More cyber with Rob

I saw a cute show they have here about sex therapy. They were counselling this couple and they had this idea of putting post-it notes on mannequins to indicate what kind of stimulation they liked on the various body parts. I was half thinking of drawing up two generalised bodies (male and female), and handing the male to bf to see what he'd write on the various parts. I may even draw one up myself, just to familiarise myself with what I'd like on each part of my body, I may never go through with handing it to bf, but it's a start.

Do you guys think that a relationship stagnates if there is no "evolution", if the relationship doesn't "move" in a certain direction, does it just fizzle out and die eventually? Or is that just a 30 yr old concept? Maybe a 50 or 60 yr old can appreciate the beauty of stability, solidity and constancy. OR maybe age has nothing to do with it.

Has anyone ever thought that there are so many portions of the brain that we haven't explored. A simple example is our ears. We can move them, we just have to concentrate on moving them, we have to command our brain to send the signals to those strange muscles that govern our ears. I'm willing to bet we can stimulate or send impulses to our brains to do so much....
Ok... I hope I got a giggle on that one. My brain works in mysterious ways.

I got a text message from my work colleague this evening she said that she and my Co-Worker boy were talking about me today, about how they missed me, (they often work when I don't). I might go in to work tomorrow to say hello. I want to see if Co-Worker liked his Christmas present.

I miss Rob. We've been in touch more, and that makes me miss him more. I think it's just a phrase that comforts me.


James said...

if you make that drawing, you should scan it and post it here. ;-)

I think most certainly that a relationship can stagnate. There needs to be some evolution.

I like your thoughts on the brain, and agree, there are probably so many more things we could do, if we tried, and taught ourselves how. Hmmmm

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

A relationship can stagnate, but personally I think it gets boring and I don't think it is a question of age. I would prefer it evolved.

Now, about the brain, you are right, I think we have lost a lot of capacities in our evolution and may find new ones along the way.