Saturday, January 22, 2011

File a request if you want to flirt

So I heard a thing on the radio the other day that made me think. It seems that somewhere in the UK there's a new policy for businesses (now I'm saying what the radio said and not what is actually the reality, I'm guessing that the story is actually quite different from how they portrayed it). In fact, I'm assuming that the this may have been used as a tactic by a few companies to avoid sexual harassment problems.  I doubt it has become a law for all companies. Anyone can correct me here though, because I actually have no idea.

The policy is supposedly that if you want to flirt with a co-worker you have to file a request these days.

The radio speaker was totally aghast about the whole thing. I live in a Mediterranean country and of course flirting and externalising feelings of love is probably one of the most important aspects of culture here.
Now the Mediterraneans would hate to be forced to declare the fact that they are flirting with someone. It would take the "soul" out of the whole thing.

I do however see how it could resolve a serious problem. On the other hand it would put a huge damper on flirting with someone behind your spouses back and possibly even put a damper on flirting in general. The whole point of flirting is the fact that you often don't expect it. Having to declare (almost publicly) that you'll be flirting will take some, if not all, of the fun out of it. I flirt with one of my co-workers quite a bit. If I were working in N.America I could see how it might be a problem if my other co-workers saw him slap me on the ass (as he has done before). But I know for sure that we wouldn't flirt and my days would be much sadder if I had to declare it. We're both very involved (practically married) with other people.


ebony panther said...

That does take the fun out of everything. Next, you'll have to have written permission to have sex.

Siren in Stilettos said...

That sounds like a horrible idea.

Part of flirting is that you can gauge the other person's reaction to you. And based on their feedback, you are either encouraged or discouraged to continue.

To declare that you are flirting without the chance to evaluate their feedback first is a bit pre-mature, in my opinion. :o(

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think something like this could work. It could be mostly anonymous.

Person A files a request to flirt with person B. If person A does not hear anything back about the request he has to drop the whole idea.

If person B has no interest in being flirted with by anyone, then she completely ignores all requests and doesn't even have to know who has the hots for her. If she has some interest and is slightly curious she could see who it is and then decide to respond or ignore it still. But, she can't get offended because she had a little bit of interest, even if it turns out she can't stand the guy, "person B", they both have to let it just drop.

On second thoughts, it's a pretty dumb idea.

Cande said...

LMAO that cracked me up. The reasoning was going great there for a while... then it just did a dive towards the end!

Anonymous said...

How silly! We lose spontaneity!

Advizor54 said...

I have to agree that it's a horrible idea. Siren got it right in saying that the whole idea of flirting is to break the ice and see if they other person flirts back. To go out and declare your intent is to poison the well right from the start.

"I am now going to flirt with you."

That's about the worst conversation starter ever.