Saturday, January 15, 2011

I must be addicted.

After a very enlightening comment on my last post by Mr. Anonymous (aka Jared Leto I wish...) Um I'm re-posting a link to the 30 seconds to mars uncut uncensored video because it is beyond hot in full screen HD. I will be bookmarking this video myself just in case I'm feeling a little under the weather.


On another note. I got completely trashed last night. I went out with my neighbour and his girlfriend and another friend of ours, bf came out later along with another guy friend. I flirted with a friend of mine's boyfriend who both happened to be at the bar too. It was fun until this morning at 5:30 am when I got sick. ugh... anyhow I haven't been that drunk in a while. I have to remember not to eat when I drink. It's safer.


ebony panther said...

Wow. An absolutely stunningly amazing piece of work. So hot & erotic. Jared fills me with envy. I have to hit the gym more.

Advizor54 said...

But if you eat while you drink you get drunk slower, can dance longer, and at least have something in your stomach when it's time to heave.

I'm glad you had fun until 5:30 though. :-)

A said...


Okay you can have Jared - I'll take Sunisa

Cande said...

Ebony: No doubt! I know... too cool And to think he's the director too. Even I'm full of envy.

Advizor: Yeah... probably good advice.

A: Sunisa is hot... but whoever the girl Jared is doing is hotter (in my opinion)... she doesn't get mentioned at all.

Happy Swinger Chick said...

Yep... Jared is hot. Thanks for the video link!


A said...

Yes it is a shame she didn't get her own clip like the others.

We will just have to share her =p

Advizor54 said...

and I'll chime in again now that I've had a chance to actually watch the video.

The sexy parts? Very sexy.
Is he totally ripped? Yes
Is she beautiful? Amazing

But..... for me, the best part of the movie was the Director's name.

William said...

Very hot and amazing video!!!
Thank you for sharing it.