Monday, January 24, 2011


I had a very busy week and was laying low in the blogsphere, I apologise for this as I was at least hoping to get up an HNT continuation of last week since I have some extra pictures. It's just that I was always at work and when I wasn't bf was home spending time with me. It's a good thing... I know, but I do like my space.

Ahhh the weekend. It's finally here. I can get the 3 hours to myself on Saturday and Sunday eves to write and stuff. Today Bf is studying English while I write this. So I can kinda get away with typing a lot.

The updates for the past week are few but to me they are interesting.

Rob and I were texting the other day and he asked me if I had seen who my most recent follower was... surprise!! It was him, Haha I know totally random. Who knows why, I asked him the first chance I had and he admitted that he really didn't know. I may still convince him to start a blog... who knows. Anyhow there is now a minor (very minor) possibility that he will show up in some comment here and there. Anyhow I was super happy about it and giggled my way through the rest of the day. I guess partially because it was a very intense morning but eventful also with Co-worker as I will explain below. I had a really really nice conversation with Rob too. His iPhone is a total revelation to me. Hearing his voice takes me over the edge. We've never really used voice much and voice tends to really embarrass me. I was shy for the first 5 minutes, having a hard time figuring out what to say. Then the conversation started rolling and it took a natural curve into a relatively deep sphere. It was nice. When we met up in London a year and a half ago, it was very superficial conversation we were pretty shy. As he put it it may have been the first real conversation we've had. Then of course there was the rest... hot and steamy and only 20 minutes of well... yeah... you know the rest. ;-)

We had a very intense week at work and Friday was especially tough for me, I basically run the show on Friday at work. My boss decided to throw a little lunchtime party for the end of the week (as we often do since we work with tourists who are visiting for a week) and we all gathered around the table to eat and socialise.
At one point I was sitting on a stool at the head of the table to oversee the events and Co-worker came over to stand next to me. He bumped and nudged me and stood so that we were leaning against each other, his hands were placed neatly in front of him. Neither of us moved out of the other's space. Then he got called off but before leaving he gave me a little pat/rub on the back.
Ok... so that must sound obsessive and detailed but it kinda meant quite a bit to me. To me it meant that he had a hard time moving away. That rub on the back was a kind of I don't want to let go... sorta thing.

There's a kind of weird gravitation involved between us. We tend to move towards each other when we're working. We are like magnets. The strange thing though is when we're not working or when we're alone we are afraid to touch. There's an invisible bubble, like when two magnetic poles push against each other. I've had lunch with him various times on my own, without the rest of our lunch group because we were early. But there's friendly conversation and nothing more. When others are around or when we're working we have less difficulty in being more physical.

Now if I were a reader of my own blog I'd probably tell myself that the reason for all this is that we're afraid of facing the reality of our attraction and we use the distractions of work and other people to cover what we're doing. Right? hmmm

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Advizor54 said...

Your last paragraph tells me you already know what is going on. In public, at class, you can flirt, be friendly, and invade each other's space because there are built in limits to what can happen next.

But, in private, when the crowds are gone and it's just the two of you, hesitation creeps in and you play it safe, unsure as to what would happen if you started. I think that's a fine place to stay as well, flirty, comfortable, at ease, intimate in a special way, without putting real life at risk.

I think it sounds very nice.