Sunday, January 30, 2011

History Boys

So I saw a movie called The History Boys. It was pretty good. I actually enjoyed it. I checked it on Rotten Tomatoes, but it didn't have such a high rating. I was expecting it to have a higher rating. Fact is that often I think that the Italian dubbing makes things better than they actually are. They do have to change the dialogues to fit the Italian culture and language a bit, often quite a lot. But that's not the point of my post today.

The point of my post is that the film was about something I'd never really considered much. Let me give you guys a brief run down on the basic story without giving too much away in case you want to see it for yourself.

It's the story of a group of boys at a british boys college. They are trying to get into Oxford (if I'm not mistaken) and they are intelligent, funny, talented and witty. They are also good looking which helps with the plot a lot and you'll understand why in a bit. The boys have a fat and quite unattractive professor who is however very good and basically lets the boys do what they want believing that it is still a learning experience. He is a closet gay and the only action he gets is when he gives the boys a ride home on his motorbike. He feels them up while driving. The boys in the story are perfectly aware of his little secret and go along with it because we assume they don't want him to get fired. They have ingenious ways of keeping him from actually feeling them up, like putting a bag between them, but the fact is that it is obviously sexual harassment. Later a sort of substitute teacher is hired, he's a good looking young guy who has to get these kids into Oxford. The kids all love him as a professor but there's also an underlying theme of some of the boys being gay and one in particular is attracted to him and the young hot professor is also attracted to this kid but doesn't want to become like the fat ugly professor.

The first thing that got to me is the fact that the sexual harassment was portrayed and dismissed so easily. I wonder if it could actually be as light hearted as they portrayed it. Meaning that the boys were never touched or abused naked, they were groped at over their clothes and they just kind of laughed about it. They showed very minor unease with it when the professor offered rides home and no-one wanted to go. But there was always someone who offered to go in the end.

Another thing that caught me was the sexual relationship between gay men. For a woman... or at least for me, it was a total turn on to hear a hot guy tell another hot guy that he would let him suck his cock.
I suppose a lot of that could be the context, the fact that there was such a build up to that crucial scene and it was quite unexpected. I moaned and gasped at that scene. And to think that nothing actually happened in the scene it was just one guy talking to another. It got me so worked up I had to go find some gay porn to see if I'd like it. I've never really gone looking for gay sex online.


Anonymous said...

Did you like what you found? I would think it would not be hard to find.

Advizor54 said...

I think the sexual harassment angle is very sensitive to the time period of the movie. These days it's a high profile issue, a crime in many states, a termination at most companies, and a red-mark on your resume forever.

In the past it was seen as "boys will be boys" and handled much differently, and, if you believe the BBC and Masterpiece theater, the gay angle was also more tolerated in literary and academic circle.

As for the gay sex turning you on? I'm glad you got a jolt from it. As a guy, I've never seen the attraction, but I do love girl/girl porn.

And to repeat Joe's question, did you like what you found, or, did you find anything you liked?

Anonymous said...

I think sexual harassment has taken a bad turn in the states. Many people are attacked for simply joking around.

HOWEVER, I think there are some cases where sexual harassment is brutal and damaging...

It's a hard thing to figure out...we are not asexual robots...but assholes can take anything too far...

I would LOVE to be harassed a little...I pray for it, but it never happens.

The Red Head was WAY into gay porn. I will forever have the image of a brawny, bearded lumberjack of a man blowing a hot young stud while another twink like boy sucks his was a tender moment...and man that lumberjack could suck a cock. The Red Head got wet just talking about it. I guess I am like advizor..I like girl/ I guess I understand.